Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Postcard Surprise.....

Another wonderful postcard has been posted through my letterbox ...and a huge surprise it was too!! My card came from Pickering , Ontario, Canada, from a lovely lady called Lucy, who's fabulous blog is On my way 2 work and other stuff.

The picture on the card is Port Perry and if you google it, you will see that on the 9th August, they have a Classic British Motorshow..Called Brits on the Lake..!! I wonder if Lucy knows or knew about this !! Seems like a brilliant day out.

Lucy and I met through a post on her blog, but can I find I can't, so hopefully Lucy will and pass it over to me.. ..

Lucy has friends that own/run Moo-Moo's Milkshake/smoothie bar in the covered market of Oxford.... I know that I commented, and from there, I actually went and gave her friends a message from Lucy, it turned out that her friends computer had broken, and so weren't receiving her emails...

Can you picture the scene..

"Excuse me, erm I have a blog, and somehow your friend Lucy in Canada found my blog or I found hers, and she would like me to give you a cool is that"

Thank you so much Lucy, made my day ..I do hope that some of you call over to visit her!! Lucy is such a fun person, I know you will enjoy her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter!!!


  1. Hi Anne! How exciting a postcard from myself! And a post all about me! I'm thrilled I say!!!
    Thank you for all of that and no I did not know about BRITS on the LAKE. I will have to check it out!!! I'm going up through Port Perry this weekend to a pool party! I'll have pics for Monday, in the meantime I will look for the post!

  2. I love getting postcards. Yesterday I got one from Lindisfarne and one from Beograd.

    Today there was e letter from Eritrea in my maibox :-)

  3. What a nice postcard. I love Lucia's blog.

  4. Lucia - Pleased you like the post, it was a huge surprise with your post card :-) Thank you!

    Britt-Arnild - wow that is great, You do know that your letter to me started this off, :-)

    WL - Yes such a lovely surprise card, I love her blog too!!

  5. I feel so much love today all because of you!:)

  6. Good suprises create good feelings!

  7. Philip - Hi not seen you for a while, oh yes they certainly do, thanks for calling in again..:-)

  8. Hi Anne,
    Wow, how lovely ! Your cards are coming from across the Atlantic now !
    And I think that the story about Lucia's friends at Oxford is really cool !

    Blogs make the world a smaller and friendlier place.


  9. That's what blogging's all about, Anne.

  10. James - Sooo right, it is great, thanks !

  11. Hello Anne! Thank you so much for your visit and for your kind comment!
    You've a very nice blog! Very interesting posts! Oh atre you going to come to Lucca? That's nice! We'll meet for a coffee! Let me know!
    Wish you a nice week end!
    Till next time!

  12. Ciao Anne! Another great postcard! How fun to keep this going. There is a little treat waiting for you over at Ciao Amalfi!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. The land of Blog is amazing!
    You're so lucky!

  14. It's amazing how many people you link up with through your blog! You are so warm and open that everyone just takes to you so instantaneously! Glad you are having such fun with friends from all over!!

    Have a good week

  15. Barbara - it was funny about Lucys friends in oxford, but very cool..

    I sometimes find blogging a struggle, think I am going to stop, and for some reason I can't :-)

    Les Cotrions - Thank you for your lovely comment, its a pleasure, I love reading new blogs and meeting new people...Have you read Lucillian Delights blog, wonderful lady, lives near Florence..I will let you know if we end up on Lucca :-) Thanks.

    Laura - yes this is great that it is still going, I think Welshcakes Limoncello is sending some out too!!

    Rochambeau - Thank you, very lucky indeed x x

    Kim B - Hi Kim how lovely is that, thank you so much, it means a lot to me..I am lucky to have linked up with lots of lovely included.. :-) I hope to see you next month, if you are around :-)

    Hope everyone has a great week!!


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