Tuesday 12 May 2009

More about Paris........

We saw some fascinating churches, we climbed (by lift) to the dizzy heights of the Eiffel Tower, saw splendid views, but nothing prepared us for the trip to Basilique du Sacre-Coeur.. at the top of Montmartre hill!

We climbed the steps up .. thought if they can do it so can we!!

We had to climb some more, as we had taken some different steps :-( never mind, what we saw at the end was truly fascinating...this magnificent building, dominating the whole area!

The views are brilliant, and we had good weather for the trip too!! It looked a bit doubtful at first, but so pleased we made it without getting soaked.

Once inside you are not allowed to take any photos, on one hand a shame, but on the other it is respectful, and they have mass going on most of the time I believe..

After walking around with the crowds, we stopped for a little reflection time, and just soaked some of the atmosphere up..before leaving to go to 'Le Carré aux Artistes' Place de Tertre,which is the place of artists and the vibrant heart of Montmartre!

Little did we know ,before we made it there, we were going to do more climbing..we found out that you could climb to the top of the Dome!!!


  1. Very beautiful...reminds me of when I went to Monte Royale in Montreal.

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  3. More nice memories for me. There is a lot of climbing in Paris.

  4. Hi Anne!
    Just saw your message...i hit 'post' too early (pregnancy brain?) and so now there are photos.
    Have a wonderful week :)

  5. Lucia - pleased that you like my photos and that they give you Happy memories..well hope they do!

    CherryPie - oh yes lots of climbing, but we didn't mind one bit...happy memories for you too!! :-) More photos to come, from the top Dome this time,

  6. Marvellous photos. Congratulations on all that climbing!

  7. Hi Anne - Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. You are a brave one to take the steps up to the Church. I took the easy way.

    I love Paris.

  8. Do you remember the scene in Amélie that takes place there?
    Also (for next time) all the hip fabric stores are at the foot of the sacré coeur. But that for another trip (with me?)

  9. There is a very easy way to get up there with just a little walking. Let me know the next time you go and I'll give you directions. It's always fun and lively up there.

  10. Oh my! What memories you are bringing back to me. I used to "busk" up there when I was a poor student. That was (clears throat) quite a while ago now!

  11. Now, that was well worth all that leg work !
    You both did it, not like the lazy ones in the "funiculaire" !


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