Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Postman called again.......

this time bringing me mail from Holland. The wonderful Nicolette of Dutch Comfort, said she loved the idea of postcard sending and asked me if I would like her to send me one...! She sent me two!!! :-)

Thank you so much Nicolette, it was a great joy to receive these....!!

In the top you can see the wonderful Tulips of Holland, brilliant colours, and the typical dutch windmills..

In the bottom postcard from Den Haag, is the Houses of Parliament to the right and on the left is the "Mauritshuis" The Royal Picture Gallery..very famous for a wonderful collection of old Dutch paintings..! In front you can see "The Hofvijver" known as the "Pond".

I hope that you vist her wonderful blog, not just to read about Holland but to see her fantastic Quilting too!!


  1. That sounds like a fun idea and I agree she has a beautiful blog :-)

  2. Love your new blog header Anne. Your blog had a complete make-over!

    Love your posts about your vsiit to Paris too. I’ve been there many, many times. The first time was during our honeymoon!

  3. The postman will call you again Anne! Her blog is very interesting!

  4. Great stuff - sorry i didn't quite manage to say hi on Sunday

  5. Hi Anne,

    Isn't that lovely ! You are going to have quite a collection at this rate. It is nice to be appreciated :)

    I'm just having my morning look at blogs & e mails. It is always a pleasure to see you .

    Hugs xx

  6. Hi Cherrypie...such a fun idea, I love it.

    Nicolette - pleased you like my new header, trying to make it slightly larger but no joy yet..Wow how romantic going to Paris for your honeymoon :-)

    Philip - thanks for calling into nicolettes blog, it is great!

    Britt-Arnild - Thank you...You got the ball rolling !!

    Barbara - Yeah it is great..going to get a pinboard, and then maybe make a collage..I think it is a brilliant idea.
    Hope you are keeping well..where have all the others disappeared to..Not heard from anyone lately :-(.. Hugs x x


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