Monday, 9 February 2009

Snowy Walk!!

On Sunday I got together with some friends from the church to go walking. Mad you might say, it was thick snow but not cold. At least it wasn't raining! Actually it did try to rain on our way there, but luckily for us it stopped. The snow fell as we were walking but we didn't mind.

We all met in Wantage Civic Hall carpark..and from there we drove out to Badbury Hill or Badbury Clump as it is known by locally.

If you look at the map. we followed the red line clockwise..we walked through the woods a bit, over the snowy white fields and made our way to the Great Coxwell Barn..
..Wow this place was amazing..I managed to get a few photos, it was bit dark, but they came out!!

From here we trundled over the fields, climbing over stiles, just chatting away, two friends had brought their dogs..oh yes the dogs had a brilliant time..they couldn't believe it. We walked to Colleymore Farm and then up to Brimstone Farm. Where we then had the upward climb back to our cars, parked in Badbury Clump. To make our way home..but not before we had to help push the cars out of the snow!!

I took a few photos along the way....

click on photos to enlarge

Three of us stopped off at The Horse and Jockey for a quick half!!! No not wine this time, but half a guinness!! You have to, just to end the great walk we had!! It was a fantastic afternoon, with friends, and hopefully we shall be doing another walk in two weeks time.

Oh yes I just had to do an angel in the snow!!!!


  1. WOWWW!! That sounds very cool!! Glad you had a great time!!! SNOWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  2. Great pictures!!! It looks so cold!! We've been following the news about how much snow that you've been getting. I'm glad that you were able to get outside and enjoy it!!

  3. Leesa - It was sooooo great, brilliant time was had by all. Oh yes lots of snow!!!

    Notes from Noel - Thanks, pleased you liked my photos. Yes it looks cold but it wasn't, only near the end of the walk. But even then not too bad. Oh yes loads of snow!!!

  4. I so love how you made a snow angel Anne :)

  5. What a lovely post and fantastic walk / outing you had! I always love the English names ... Badbury Clump, Great Coxwell Barn ... so wonderful!

    Clive always has a Guinness when we go to British pubs :)

    Cheers to all the snow bunnies up there.

  6. Looks like you had an adventure right on your doorstep! Lots of fun ! Love the pictures.
    Snow changes everything doesn't it?
    Driving would have been slippery...

  7. Wish I'd been there. A walk in the snow, dogs, horses, a British pub at the end and an Ordenance Survey map to follow... Now, if you'd added that you had toast and Marmite when you got home - I'd have been really homesick.

  8. Hi Anne,
    Nice to see ya :)
    What a day; it looks like there's no stopping your group; even with some snow.
    It looks like a varied hike; I love the farm animals.

    Hey; you deserved that Guiness at the end !

  9. Thanks Anne, for another post on an enjoyable walk -- and this time in the snow! Cross our fingers for this weekend that we'll be able to get out. Enough of rain!

  10. My Melange - I just had to do it!!My family might laugh but hey, my choice :-)

    Carolyn - Yes we do have some great names here, I will find some more for you :-)

    Scintilla - Loads of fun, never done a walk like that in the snow! Oh yes it all looks different, we will be going there another time, hopefully the Bluebell season!

    Casalba - Hope I didn't make you too homesick..No not Toast and Marmite, I was starving, Oven roasted Wedge potatoes and Ham!!

    Barbara - Your right, no stopping us now :-)Yes a very deserved guiness! It was great. :-)

    Rowena - Fingers crossed for you, would be great for you to get walking again ;-)

    Philip - Thanks, pleased you enjoyed my post!

  11. Looks like a great walk. And it had to end in a pub. That's compulsory!

  12. The snow looks amazing Anne! Just beautiful.

  13. Nice to have a bit of proper snow. The kind you remember from childhood.

    Causes problems for a few days but great fun!

  14. I'm impressed. I can't think of a better way of spending the weekend.

  15. lokks like a great walk and so much snow too... what fun !

  16. Now that is real snow! Here everyone is still talking about the pathetic bit we had yesterday. Love your angel in the snow!


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