Saturday, 7 February 2009

A new tip from Leesa and Amy...

I often wondered how to do this ...Striking out.. THIS easy but not as easy to explain !!! So I will guide you over to Amy @ Tweaking Tips...Thanks Leesa and Amy.


  1. GREAT!! It was pretty simple, wasn't it! I had always wondered how to do that, too!! Have a great weekend! Hope you guys don't get a lot of snow!!!

  2. Thank you Anne for the useful information!

  3. And if you are super lazy at typing, you don't even need to bother with the word strike. A simple s will do the trick, like what i and b does for italics and bold. Unfortunately that strike tag can't be done on blogger comments. Isn't that a shame?? Because then we could really have a lot more fun with whatever we type into the comment box!

    <s>See? It just won't work!</s>

    <strike>See? It just won't work!</strike>

  4. Thanks.
    I've never known how to do that.

  5. Thanks Leesa for sending the tip out to us from Amy.

    Philip - no came from Leesa. Hope it comes in useful.

    Rowena - I never knew that either, I just read my text and delete if it is wrong..Maybe because I used to work in an office for years, sending out letters to lots of people..had to be on the ball!!

    WL - No problem..if I see posts with strikes on it now, I know why!! :-)

  6. oh clever! I'll have to try that.


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