Sunday 1 February 2009

A start to our Walking....

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Last Sunday a small group of us, got together for a walk. We were going to be in Oxford anyway, so we arranged a walk to Jarn Mound and back. The weather was great considering the amount of rain we had in the previous days, but no one could predict that the walk was going to take us to the muddiest of places!!

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This walk took us a little bit longer than we thought, and was starting to get dark as we made our way back to the cars, but all ended well..In The Fishes in North Hinksey!!! This was quite a strange experience..I have never been into a pub without any shoes on,..our boots were caked and just out of curtesy we removed them and lined them up in the foyer. So there we were, sitting on very comfy chairs, glass on wine, the warmth of the pub..I felt like I was at home...!

A good afternoon was had by all..the weather was kind to us, and we made it home safely.

We have another walk planned for next week, weather that I mean no rain, storms, or snow.


  1. What a fun day (except for the mud)! I love the pictures - especially the dead tree.

    I adore English pubs. They are so warm, cozy, and relaxing. We always end up in a pub (or two) when we go to England.

  2. Hi Anne!

    Hey...I LOVE to walk, so I would have really enjoyed this.

    But my favorite part would have been in that pub, sipping a glass of nice red wine!

    woo! woo!

    We've had a bit a rain here too. However the last 4 days have been gorgeous. Cold, but clear and sunny skies!

  3. Anne, lovely to see you posting again and so glad you had a nice day walking. It sounds great, including the pub.

    Are you getting all the heavy snow we are seeing in England rignt now? Brrr!! Stay warm and take care.


  4. Hi Anne,
    Ooooh; that brings me memories when we did our hike last October. It looks somewhat like simlar terrain, except for those "petrified" trees that look eery !
    It sounds all in all like a nice day.
    Hugs to you XX

  5. A 'Lord of The Rings' tree!
    I hope your feet stayed dry.

  6. That does look muddy! How brave you were. That sounds like a very nice pub.

  7. This sounds like a wonderful walk. We'll have to join up with one with Sally and Geoff one day.

  8. Hi everyone Thanks for visiting and your comments :-)

    Notes from noel...we had a real fun day...the tree was amazing..

    Ron - Hi oh yes the wine was appreciated :-)

    Carolyn - Great time was had Thank You..yes thought just get back to blogging :-)

    Barbara - oh that tree was quite eerie, we had a lovely day thanks :-)

    Scintilla - Very "Lord of the Rings" tree, very strange. Oh my feet were lovely and dry Thanks .

    WL - It was a brilliant day out, so pleased I did it. Longest I have walked, and a lot of it up hill, but it was worth it!

    Philip - Another walk planned for next week, all being well. :-)

    Elle - It would have to be one of their shorter walks, they walk for miles and miles...!!

  9. Walking is much underrated. It refreshes your spirits to be with nature. At least the taxman hasn't got around to billing us for it yet!

  10. I am looking forward to the end of this snow and rain so that we can start our usual hikes. Fabulous post Anne, especially the end where it all ended with a nice glass of wine.

  11. Nothing like a good walk - what a lovely day out. I've always been fascinated by maps and I love calligraphy - so you can imagine how much I loved your picture of the Jarn Mound map.

  12. Hi Anne,
    I saw your comment on Phivos Nicolaides travelling blog and thought, I would check out your blog. It's very interesting and I also know some of the places you talk about.
    Re the comment on the travelling site: you know, everytime I cross the channel, for some very peculiar reason the weather also turns bad! it never happens when my husband and sons cross it aone, but when I am on borad, no matter what the weather forecast, it's gonna get stormy!
    Greetings from Denmark, Sarah Sofia

  13. wow anne how wonderful for you to be out walking i do hope you enjoy it and get out again soon x x

  14. Nice!

    Anne, I was off on a hiatus of my own, with all that comes with it. I see life has thrown up a few things which block the flow a bit. It happens. I am happy to see you back to blogging; more importantly, I hope you are feeling well and that the walking is a signal that the connective energy is flowing again, that worries can subside (a bit) into the background, and that life, the good life that is, can continue.

    Lots of hugs.

  15. So glad you enjoyed your walk Anne.
    Perfect ending in a cosy pub too. I liked the pictures, particularly the petrified tree..spooky!
    There's more news about our baby bean on my site...he's coming along a treat!
    I'm so glad you are posting again.


  16. That tree is incredible! Great photo!

    It sounds like you had a great day. We miss walking so much and it is rainy today. I hope this weekend is better for all of us!!! :)

  17. WOW!! That sounds GREAT!!! How fun to take your shoes off in the pub!!! How quaint and cozy!! Like you were at home!!!! Glad you had a nice walk.....

  18. That sounds like a most civilised end to your walk. Hmm I wonder if you will venture out on Sunday? It's absolutely freezing here in Chippenham.

  19. That sounds like it was fun. I've been around that area and it sure is beautiful. I especially like the photo of that twisting tree.

  20. Sounds like you had a great day including the shoeless pub experience :)

  21. Thank you , Rowena, Casalba, Sarah Sofia, Sally, Diana, Trubes, Pumpkin, Leesa, VP, Linda and Monika....We had such a great walk, the sun was out, so whats a bit of mud!!!! Brilliant day, and a great end...!! :-)


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