Saturday, 29 November 2008

Another day out in Italy...

We decided that we would like to see more of the small towns along the coast, and we were not we went to Finale Ligure. The town has a beautiful beach, and the walk along the promenade is stunning, with all the Palm trees and lovely little cafes and restaurants to stop at.

The weather was fantastic for November, and I was amazed at all the people out, it was great. Lots of families, groups of older people, all sitting there chatting away.

From here we drove on to Noli. This little place was buzzing when we got there. Everyone eating out on the front, a small market just finishing, and and Art Exhibition going on. We had a quick walk round the small town, and I mean quick, my husband was hungry. We went to the busiest little cafe, with all the Italians, and had Fritto Misto...what a treat that was...very tasty!!!

Perfect way to end a very enjoyable sunny day!


  1. Hi Anne,
    Oh that blue skyed scenery looks so tempting ! I need not add weather comments about our weather near Paris !!
    Keep on enjoying ;)

  2. Have you read the book Extra Virgin? Written by a very funny English woman who moved there.

  3. Barbara- Wish it was still sunny for everyone...:-)

    Linda - I am don't think I have, going to look it up on Amazon..thanks.

  4. isnt it wonderful to have some sun durring our winter ....

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  6. so nice to read about your LIgurian trip and have a sneak-preview; We were thinking about going to Liguria this summer (though we're not sure yet).

  7. Hi Anne, I would love to share that fritto misto with you while soaking up all that beautiful scenery!!


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