Portofino and Sante Margherita Ligure

Another sunny day, we were so lucky, so we drove out to Portofino, a beautiful but very small place, we were really pleased we went. We didn't do much, just had a coffee next to the sea, that was an expensive coffee, but worth the views! Walked round to the other side then climbed up towards the castle, which unfortunately was closed this particular day! Restoration work..Never mind.

We then carried on around to Sante Margherita Ligure. We didn't stay very long, as we were unsure about the parking, and couldn't find a meter, but we were lucky, got away with it.

It was a glorious sunny day, and worth the drive!


  1. I'm enjoying catching up on your posts - sounds like a fabulous holiday in Italy. I've never been there but hope to someday! The pics are great.

  2. Italy is a great and very interesting place to visit.

  3. I am enjoying your photos of Italy. I really like how you put the photos together like that.

  4. Beautiful collage, beautiful place!
    It interesting that the closer you are to the water, the more they charge for the coffee. It's as if they were personally responsible for the lovely views!

  5. looks fantastic... such a shame the castle was shut

  6. It all looks terrific. Send some sunshine back northward, could you?

  7. I love Italy....Haven't been for many, many years...the photos are great! How do you do that collagy thingy?

  8. i am living vicariously through you. hubs and i have promised to tour Italy on our 10th..or our 20th, which ever anniversary ends up winning us the lottery :)

    i am so happy you are enjoying your time :)

  9. Those Portofino photos are stunning. What a great holiday.

  10. Hi Anne,
    Goregous scenery !! You both lucked out for the weather, which is always a +.
    But tell me; what kind of staement is being made with the Rhino being lifted in the air? MarinaPortfino).
    I had to look twice !!

    Cheers !

  11. Isn't that blue a fabulous shade? I love the water around there.

  12. You make me want to go back there at once, isn't all beautiful there!
    I love these impressions of your vacation there, thanks for letting us in on your trip

  13. Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments...so pleased you all enjoyed the trip!!

    I wouldn't hesitate to go back, fab fab fab!!!!!!

    Hope you all get there one day very soon :-)


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