Thursday, 27 November 2008

Crazy Cat!!

I still have lots more to write and lots of editing photos to do of our holiday. It takes a while, especially as I visited quite a few places and took loads of photos!! So bear with me please.

In the meantime here is a couple of pictures of my mother-in-laws cat, who only really likes drinking from the tap yes the tap!! She has always done this..just jumps up on the side, and waits for you to turn the tap on..


  1. this kitty is too funny. I am glad to have found your blog and hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Thirsty bloke :)
    That's funny !

    I know where you are coming from when you say that you have tons of photos to go through ! Been there,done that.
    It's really the selction that is the hardest part.
    I opted for a photo blog the last time; other people do flickrs or slides.

    Have fun with your photos !

  3. I've never seen anything like that!
    She doesn't care about getting her paws wet...

  4. I would have thought the cat would hate running water so close! What a funny cat and photos.

  5. Cats are so funny. Mine won't get near water but loves to sit in our dry shower.

  6. Hello Anne;
    My Daughters's Cat, Phoebe, used to love to sit at the kitchen sink and 'tap' the tap so that it was turned on for her to have a drink, or, even, just to watch drops of water falling.

    She was a gorgeous cat, a British Blue, with the most lovely silver grey fur and bright yellow eyes.
    Sadly she died last year but her sister Porsche is still around and equally as lovely.

    I thought you may like her name Anne, particularly as son-in law has treated himself to a new car of the same name...

    Incredibly, his business, (IT), is doing so well that he paid himself a bonus
    by way of his favourite car!

    Isn't life grand!

    I've written a little anecdote on my site, which I've dedicated to Welshcakes, in order to help speed up her recovery..

    Hope all is well in Oxfordshire.


  7. Cute...I can hardly wait to see your photos of the trip. I stayed in Lerici,just east of La Spezia, for 5 nights and went to the Cinque Terre, one of my favourite places of my trip. Did you get over there?

  8. i had a cat that did just the same thing !!

  9. My sister in law's dog will only drink water from the bidet. And, only when the water is running.

  10. Thanks everyone ..just a bit of fun whilst I edit more photos!!

    Forgot to say he doesn;t like getting his paws wet, so my mother-in-law wipes the sink for him Ha Ha

  11. Lily does that too! She sleeps in the bath or the bidet!

  12. Lily does that too! She sleeps in the bath or the bidet!


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