Saturday 19 January 2008

Breaking out!!

This year I need to try and break out of my "comfort zone" stop procrastinating and just "do it". I can feel fear in my stomach as I type this out...and maybe I should read this book. Feel the Fear and do it anyway..will it help???

I really detest this time of year,it is dull, cold , wet, in fact it makes me feel really miserable. Hence I start thinking about how I can change my life, how I can make myself feel happier, more content. What is missing from my life?? How can I feel confident??

I hide away, making less contact with people, but all the time knowing this is wrong, but unable to break free from my feelings.

I believe I have got worse since I hit the menopause...what a dreadful word that is!! Or maybe I have always been like this, and just got worse as I have got older.

January makes me think "oh hubby will start travelling again soon"in fact he starts his travels on the 8th March. And I am left alone for much of another year!!! Oh let me tell you, that is another story!!

I can't be the only woman that feels like this. How do other woman get over the feeling of being inadequate, being lost, not knowing what to do or where to go??


  1. I don't think you are alone by any means. It sounds to me like you just need more in your life but what, I don't know. I know my life changed when I moved to France, I sort of blossomed and I really got into photography. Are there some classes you might take? Have you read this blog?:
    I find her really helpful. Go back and read old entries. Good luck. I've been there.

  2. Sadly, I never made it to the menopause. Just hope you never give men a pause.

  3. Oh my gosh, Anne, have you got five years to spare so I can tell you my feelings?!

    This needs a fuller answer and I'm about to start cooking so I'll be back. Just wanted to say that you're not alone! And I think the weather at this time of year does contribute.

    Thank you for your honesty and openness in saying what you have.

  4. Anne I hate to think of you feeling like this we have all been there and we all deal with it in different ways
    Make sure you keep weekend of the 8th feb free you need a break in cambridge with me :-) :-)

  5. Hi linda , thanks for such supportive and encouraging words..I will definetly read christines blog.

    Love your comment Edwin-higham..thanks.

    Liz I have all the time in the world to listen to other peoples feelings, funny it helps me so much, I actually forget mine and go into counsellor mode. :-)

    Sally thank you for caring, you are always there for me when down..Don't worry its in my diary.. :-)

  6. Anne, I'm just looking at that lovely photo in the header and that is enough to pull me out of a funk! But I know what you mean about getting out of the 'comfort zone' - I blame my bad days on my age!

    For the most part, I try to have uplifting music playing during the day. Other than that, I'll simply have a banana. One of the multitudes of spam forwards said that bananas were good when you're feeling blue. Whether it's from the sugar content or because I pretend I'm a monkey having breakfast ;-), it usually brightens an otherwise bleak day!

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  8. Hi Rowena, thanks for visiting. Yes my header is just what the doctored ordered. It is beautiful and I put it up to remind me of our fantastic holiday in Lake Como.

    I think my "Bad days" are down to age. I don't know about being a monkey Ha Ha.

    I try to get out for a walk most days, especially if its sunny, don;t mind if its cold, just wrap up.. It certainly makes me feel better!!!

  9. Ah, yes, I think we all feel these things from time to time. You are such a dear lady, I am sorry to hear you are in one of those times! Believe it or not, I was in one of those lost times just a little over a year ago! My son just started kindergarten and I told my husband I didn't have any talents and I didn't know what to do with my "free" time (even though I was incredibly busy). Before too long, it hit me! I do have talents and things I love, I just need to start sharing them with women who need me instead of hoarding them to myself! And I got a whole new perspective on my life and what I was to be doing. You are absolutely right, you need to break out of your comfort zone and "just do it". Whatever it is! You'll find joy in new adventures!

  10. Oh, Anne, I am sure you have good friends who would understand if you just phoned and said, 'hubby's away this week, fancy a girls' night?' Go out, have them over, let your hair down with them...but in between, on the ordinary days, there are always your e-penpals...I'm here.

  11. Thanks Shirl. I have some very good friends here, but unfortunately they can;t really do much in the evenings.

    I feel a bit more positive now, comes on in waves.

    Thank goodness for my blog, and all my blogger friends. :-)


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