Sunday, 20 January 2008

I have won .....

Thanks to my friend Robin over at My Melange I have won a gift.

Robin did a post about her first blogiversary, we were all invited to a party, and what a party it would be, with all the lovely gifts and food we were taking.

We all had to tell Robin what we would take and then with the Random Number picker a winner was picked.........and it was ME.........:-) :-) Her post today revealed the winner.

A big big Thank you to Robin.


  1. Hopefully, this has cheered you up considerably since your last post. (which I just saw 'cuz I've been so busy this past week)

  2. Hi Leslie, it certainly did cheer me up.

    I still have the feelings put in the last post..certain times I can cope with them better than others.

    Thanks for calling in.

  3. Congratulations Anne, what a lovely surprise, and well deserved too.

  4. Thanks WL, it was a lovely surprise, and even more of a surprise is what might gift might be!!!


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