Friday, 16 May 2014

Oxford Skyline from the Open Top Bus ...

Olivia and I had
a lovely day out .
She has asked me to do this
with her for a long time.
Obviously weather permitting.
It all worked out fine and she loved it.

(Click on this picture and you will a slide show)

Hope you enjoyed the little trip too!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. It's been years (i.e. before digital cameras) since I was in Oxford. Think I must be due! These photos are great.

  2. What a fun day! Love the photos. Jackie McGuinness of the Junkboat Travels blog directed me over here.

    This would be a terrific post to link up with British Isles Friday on my blog today.

  3. I wanna do that too! Next time for sure. I recognized a lot of those spots and love your perspective!

  4. Sorry that you had trouble commenting on my blog. I rescued your comment from the Spam folder! That should fix the problem on my blog and other WP blogs.

  5. It looks like the two of you had a fabulous day out :-)

  6. What a beautiful day for a roof-top bus tour. I love seeing all the buildings from this new angle, and, of course, Olivia looking glamorous in her sunglasses.

  7. Wow this brings back memories of seeing Oxford with you, but many places here I don't recognise. Looks like you had a fantastic trip and the weather was kind to you. Keep well Diane xox


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