Tuesday 14 January 2014

Street Art - Paris July 2013

In the previous post,
I met up with Peter
 and we went
for a walk down
which I am sure you all know.
Such a vibrant street with lots going
on and I could go there again and again.

Before this though, we went to

Rue de l'arbalete

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to see
Café Chez Fernando Bar
A bar for the Street Artists
I think it is fantastic .
The White figure is by
The Figure is known as
The White Man
(L'homme  blanc)
 "a symbol of light, power, and peace"

You have to close the shutters to see this fantastic Artwork,
tried to find a photo of the whole place but didn't take one,
so I have found a blog post which I hope they don't mind me sharing.
So with Thanks to Travel Muse
Here is there post ..
Have a look at the above link and you will see what I mean!.

The above is the famous
stencil work of his self-portrait screaming in Mickey Mouse ears
(born Jean-François Perroy)

Below is work by
 Fascinated by the stencil technique, Etienne Bergot
 aka The Dude Company began painting in the street.
Since 2008, he has had the opportunity
to participate in various international group exhibitions.

Hope you have found this a fascinating as me , love
do research on the places too.
Forgot to say , after we went for a beer!


  1. a place definietly worth visiting!

  2. I like that. Especially the Dude Company pic. Love the CAR

  3. If you spent the day with Peter I'm not surprised you had a wonderful time! He's the best tour guide in town :)

  4. Fabulous street, I would love to go and walk down there. Keep warm Diane xx

  5. Anne, you should post this on ABC Wednesday - it's the start of a new round (14) and we're doing A is for...this is PERFECT and AWESOME for ABCW! Love the art.

  6. I love finding street art, but don't always know who did it. Those butterflies are great.


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