Friday, 31 January 2014

La Defense the Business district of Paris ..July 2013

I hope you enjoy this little trip, certainly a great place to see!!
After doing a little bit of research I found out that
 the American landscape architect and garden designer,
 was responsible for a 0.5 mile stretch
now known as L’Esplanade du Général de Gaulle
 between the River Seine and the Grand Arche
I am definitely going back to see this place. Loved having
my picnic amongst the trees ,
taking shade and then just people watching,
when I suppose I should of been walking around ...
The Men of the City
“Les Hommes de la Cite”
by France and Hughes Siptrott
You can see these statues as soon as you come out of the Metro

Les Signaux Lumineux by Takis (1990)

Two weeks of  FREE concerts .. It was such a shame I could
not get to one here at La Defense ..

 This is a  840 foot column with a massive mosaic on it. 
It is called “Les Trois Arbres” or The Three Trees
This mosaic was designed in  1988 by
a French artist, painter and sculptor, Guy-Rachel Grataloup

The Grand Arche

Looking straight down to the

This view is the other side of the

View Larger Map

I have only shown you a few examples of the wonderful statues,
I was there for a few hours, so obviously we need to be there for a lot longer.
You can have lunch and you can also shop here too, as it has the biggest shopping
mall too. 
HOW did I miss "Le Pouce" The Giant Thumb
and lots more!!!
Oh well who needs an excuse to go back to Paris ??


  1. this is the kind of modern art which I like

    1. Hello Ola , you would love it there , you must go and see , when you have time . x

  2. Just typed this comment and it deleted itself! I think you would be as good a tour guide in Paris as you are in Oxford. You always find things I have never seen. Great photos. Have a good weekend Diane xox

    1. Hi Diane , Ah thank you so much , really made my day:-) , I always try and see something different , something away from the centre. Have a great weekend too xx

  3. Hi Anne,
    Wow! You do have a great eye! I have seen things that I have never seen in person ( the statues). It goes to show you that Paris and suburbs are so big. There is so much for viewing!

    Great job, honey!! xox

    1. Hi Barbara . Brilliant that I can show people who live in the suburbs of Paris something new , Yes it is HUGE , so much to see. Happy that you like my photos. Thanks honey xoxo

  4. Hi Anne! Waow! What a fantastic array of photos for us today. It really is a super place, isn't it? I've been there many times and, yes, of course, there is a huge shopping centre as well :) Great post with some excellent photos.

    1. Hi Diane, whyl that does not surprise me one bit , that you have been there .. you love shopping :-))) I am happy that I can bring back memories. This was my first trip there, I had saw the Grand Arche on a blog and thought , I have to go and see this for myself.. and I took myself off there (yep on my own) ,, Glad you like my photos too x

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the photos of your visit. It is an area that has been on my list to visit for some time and I have never quite made when I have been in Paris.

    Hopefully I will get chance to visit Paris again soon.

  6. I do not remember seeing all these buildings. I have only been there once for the Christmas market. Have a lovely week.

  7. Thanks for coming to my blog. You said you hoped that we’d like your trip to La Defense – well yes and no. Yes, it was interesting to see all the buildings and art work there – I have only been there once. The reason I say “no” is because for every modernization in a city, the old as to go away. You see my grandparents had their house built in Courbevoie, a small town near Paris. To build La Defense the government annexed a portion of the town of Courbevoie and gave the owners hardly any money for their houses - they took my grandparents’ house and made them move away with not enough money for them to buy another house close by. I used to go there a lot and it was sad to know that their house had been destroyed (I showed a picture of it in one of my posts.) I certainly understand that Paris needed the room but it made me sad, nonetheless.

  8. What fantastic buildings and statues. So modern. Not what we think of when we think of Paris.

  9. Anne your photos have opened my eyes to a very different view of Paris. Oh I hope I can get up there this year. I'd love to see some of these incredible buildings myself. Thanks for the temptation.


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