Sunday, 10 November 2013

Two more wonderful postcards .. Thank you ,,

Before I say about my postcards, I would
just like to say that my friend Maria and her family
are safe and well in the Philippines.
Maria said that her family felt the strength, the shock waves
I believe, of the horrendous and devastating typhoon.
I cannot imagine for one minute how they are feeling ,
and the thousands who have lost their lives. Rest in Peace.
Very sad.

Yes my collection is huge now ,
I love seeing them on my wall..
I change them over after a few months or so ,
when I get new ones they go into my heart
holder ..♥
A big Thank you to Diane, who's blog is
Diane writes about lots of amazing things,  places
and her family. Diane lives in Devon , has family
in France too. A super blog , do call over and say HI ♥
Diane is in France at this moment and she sent
me a lovely card of one of my favourite places in Paris..
Diane's daughter is not feeling brilliant at the moment , in fact
she was taken in to hospital , but now home  and hopefully on
the mend and bless Diane , she took time to think about me too♥
The Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. I could walk around here for hours.

The first time I went to Paris , April 2009 with my friend
Caroline, we were in AWE , and climbed to the top of the dome.
Not many people knew you could do this . Actually nor did we,
until we found a doorway, which takes you either to the crypt or
to the steps to climb up . A nun pointed us in the right direction!
My other card came from Singapore and sent to me by a lady who
lives in the Philippines. She was there recently on holiday with her
French boyfriend :-) ..
Maria and I connected I believe through Instagram, and then her blog,
Connections to the world, which is super ,
 all about the postcards she receives and the beautiful stamps too.
Unfortunately we do not have any pretty 88 pence stamps to put on our postcards
to send to her :-(

The Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, used as a mascot  of Singapore. Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". The fish body represents Singapore's origin as a fishing village when it was called Temasek, which means "sea town" in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore's original name — Singapura — meaning "lion city" or "kota singa".
 Singapore is another place very close to my heart ♥
I lived in there  for 3 years 1963 -1966 , when my dad was
in the Royal Air Force , unfortunately he passed away
in 1967 after we returned , so it was my last place with him
that I have memories off.

A big thank you to you both..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. How many cards have you actually got now, you must have a huge number? Keep well and have a good week. Diane xox

  2. Beautiful cards. I remember being at the Sacre Coeur years ago but we took the funicular.

    1. Hi Leslie, yes wonderful cards :-) we went twice in one week , climbed once, funicular the second :-) had to do it all :-) x

  3. Aaaw Anne! Thank you so much for the shout out and I'm glad you liked the postcard of Paris. It was my pleasure, as I know how you enjoy collecting them

  4. I'm glad your friend and her family are safe and well. What a horrific event has happened there.

  5. I am going to be travelling the next few months throughout the States and Mexico, would you like me to send you some cards?
    Drop me an email.

  6. I love reading your postcard posts, your collection must be vast now, I must remember to take your address with me next time I travel and send you some more. I have it somewhere from last time! :)

  7. Oh my dear xox. How very precious Singapour is.
    You know, my own Dad was in the military and had been to Singapore also. Dad loved Asia.

    Rest in Peace, Anne's Dad xox

  8. P.S. How could I forget your friend Maria? Thank God that she is well. The aftermath of the Typhoon has been horrendous.
    God bless them all xox

  9. Hello Anne,

    I didn't have the time to do blog hopping as I was extremely busy lately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm thoughts and wishes for us here in the Philippines. It's my sincere prayer that those who are most affected will recover soon.

    At the same time, the amount of help pouring in is overwhelming. It's wonderful to see that the spirit of compassion and love all over the world is very much alive.

    I am happy that you liked the card I sent you. We first met via the Blue Monday linky I believe or perhaps the Dreaming About France blog hop. Then in Facebook, then in Insta :) Hopefully in the future, we meet in person too.

    Your heart postcard holder is lovely. As well as that Sacre Coeur card. I think it's the first place I wanna see in Paris when I get the chance to go there.

    Prayers for you Dad in heaven and wishing you a nice weekend!

    Greetings from Manila,

    PS. Thank you also to your blog readers who posted comments to expressed sympathy for what happened to our country.


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