Thursday, 14 November 2013

Frogs Legs Anyone ?

Linda and I are still on our walk...
 she showed me this interesting little restaurant
Hi Mister !!
Love our they have hanging paraphernalia :-)

This success can maybe be explained by a unique décor: baroque, warm, as welcoming as the owners. Now you have the opportunity to become a true “titi parisien” in this flamboyant and historic place, you can taste the authenticity of a restaurant that is truly one of its kind!
(taken from their website)

Looking on Tripadvisor , the reviews
seem very good , the odd one or two
that does not like. I cannot say as
I have not been .
Anyone out there been??
Do let us know.

I would give it a go , just for the experience ♥
and try the frogs legs too!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Frogs legs taste just like small bits of chicken, I would not go out of my way to buy them, but I do not mind if I am served them. The restaurant looks life fun though. Hope all is well, Take care Diane xox

    1. Hi Diane , I have heard they are like chicken, which I love . This place does look like fun , lots to look at .. All good here , hope there too xoxo Take care Anne

  2. Bonjour Anne,

    I never heard about this one! Frogs rule in this restaurant :). Will you believe that in all my years, I have never eaten frog legs.
    Would you dare eat them with a friend?? :) We may be surprised! xox

    1. Bonjour Barbara ,, We certainly learn a lot from blogs and walking around Paris with new friends.. They certainly do rule , thought it looked fun. Well there is time for something new ,, OF COURSE , we will have to sort that out when I next visit,, :-) xoxo

  3. I agree, the restaurant does look like fun , and very French. I've never had frogs' legs! Lovely little post.

  4. the decor looks impressive:) I would love to try some of their food, I guess not only frogs' legs

    1. Hello Ola , yes you guess right :-) lots of choice , does look brilliant . hope you are ok.

  5. Not so sure about the frog legs, Anne, but it looks like a fun place to dine.

  6. I have walk by this restaurant many times. I have never looked inside. Do not ask me how I can eat escargot but have no desire to eat frog legs.

  7. Oh my! It was just last week that I learned from the French bf that Frenchies are called 'frogs' by the Englishmen and Americans. And working and living in Singapore, he's active in this French organization called Singafrog. I've never tasted frog at all, although it's also eaten in some provinces here in the Philippines, not really a usual thing on the table; more of an exotic food. Now I'm curious how they cook frog in this resto in your feature. When my time comes to visit Paris, I'll definitely use your blog as my guide for places to see and where to eat! ;-)

    PS. My newfound friendship with you Anne, warms my heart! Happy weekend!

  8. I had some foie gras there which was very good. I've had frog legs before and don't like messing with those tiny bones.


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