Monday, 4 November 2013

Fancy some wine tasting in Paris?

Then why not try out this wine shop...Linda and I only walked passed but it looks interesting.

Juan Sanchez is American and he  started his first wine shop in Paris 13 years ago in the charming streets of the Latin Quarter. After three years at one location he moved around the corner and started La Derniere Goutte.   The small, climate controlled shop has a great selection of wines from independent growers particularly from the Languedoc and the Rhone. Many of the growers practice wine making that uses little intervention in the vineyard and in the winery.

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So many interesting places to see .... what is there not to love!!


Great places for a meet up and share experiences of Paris ♥♥♥
What do you think??

Dreaming of France , why not share your stories with us ,
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  1. I'm so jealous of the American who started a wine shop in Paris. But I bet only tourists visit his shop. I wouldn't mind going though. Great photos. Now I have to wait all day to drink wine. Do you want to play along with Dreaming of France today?

  2. As always, nice to see your Paris shots!

  3. Bet the prices are not cheap but he probably has some great wines there. Love the window display :-) Have a good week Diane xox

  4. How cool to meet some bloggers in Paris ! Great city, good company and good wines....parfait !! xo Lala

  5. HA Ha I have walked past Buci News and those other shops so many times. Love the area.

  6. Wow!! That's a lot of wine bottle corks!

    This past weekend, there's also a wine tasting event in Singapore. The beau and I didn't go cause we're swamped with activities we planned ahead. Perhaps next year :)

    PS. I sent you your card or Merlion. Please let me know once you get it. :)

  7. I love the collection of corks!

  8. There's always so many intriguing shops and establishments in Paris. I find it rather astonishing that cafes can have been in 1686, that 100 years older than white settlement in Australia.


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