Friday 6 September 2013

New Postcard - New Place and Thank you.

Isn't it great when
you get home ,
not expecting any post

and you look down and there is a
lovely  postcard...
THANK YOU to my good friend
Diane from The Charante...

Go over and have a read of Diane's amazing blogs.
YES BLOGS!! Three of them , a Daily photo diary,  Life in Charente
and Life before Charente ,, (this is an amazing story.)
 How super for her that Nigel , her husband ,took her
on a SURPRISE  3 day trip to
La Rochelle

         La Rochelle is a beautiful coastal town , where the  historic port is beautifully preserved with a quayside that bustles with boats small and large, and the seafront is packed full of cafes and restaurants , where you can just relax and watch the world go by!!
Please read more in the link above.
How wonderful it looks too, so happy that
Diane and Nigel  had a good time.

The streets of the old La Rochelle offers a testimony of rich historical and architectural changes from the city, remarkably conserved, they show a big  variety of styles ranging from the Fifteenth to Eighteenth centuries.

On the back of the card , Diane said she chose this for me  to put my
French in practice!!! Certainly did . With a little help from a friend. :-)
BUT I could read most of it.

Apologies to Diane , I have taken several photos of the card
and I cannot get one in focus :-) will try again
but this is just to say
It arrived and a Big thank you!



  1. I've just had a jolly good read of your recent posts Anne and must say how interesting they are. La Rochelle is a place I would love to visit, so thanks for all the interesting and informative writing... keep it up,
    Much love

  2. I've been to La Rochelle and really loved it. It always is a lovely surprise to receive something special in the post, and not just junk mail or bills! Have a good weekend my friend x

  3. Glad it arrives safely and that it was a surprise :-) Keep well and take care. Have a good weekend. Diane xox

  4. Hi Anne,

    Your postman must love the variety of mail that comes to your home :).
    There it is. All these postcards are like little miracles arriving each time.

    Be well.

  5. Every time you get one of these postcards I get antsy to go there! (wherever it is) I'd love to return to France and go to some of these out of the way places that the tour guides never take you.

  6. Yes, I enjoy Diane's blog too. This is a perfect top to connect with my Dreaming of France meme. I know you're away at a wedding right now, so I hope you enjoy it.

  7. You must have a great collection of postcards by now Anne.

  8. La Rochelle:how I love it. It's near our beach place and a fabulous city.

  9. Is that a book, Amalfi Blue, in the background? How is it?

  10. oh wow, that looks like a really gorgeous place! Definitely have to check that out :-)


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