Monday 23 September 2013

AT LAST ----- Blogging and what it brings ..

This month it has brought great and lovely friends
together for a wedding in London.

Jennifer and Peter - 9th September 2013
got married at Clissold House, Stoke Newington.

We met the lovely family of Peter, Jennifer's brother
and their friends too ..FANTASTIC day ♥

 Beautiful music ...

and my lovely friend Barbara

and of course ........

We are all friends who first  met in Paris!!
If it had not been for blogging I would never met
Jennifer , who left a comment on my blog August 2009,

 I happened
to be out there at the time and she asked if I would like
to meet up with her ...:-) and in
April of the same year I met Barbara and Didier.

On Sunday after we got settled into our B and B's (more info to come)
we met up and went for
a walk to the Abney Park .. 
they had seen my post from before and wanted to go.

 Interesting to find out
that they is a huge link with the Salvation Army
William Booth the founder is buried here , along with
lots of others who belonged to the Salvation Army.
(I am sure Didier/Barbara got photos)

After our walk here  , we went up and down Church Street, Stoke Newington ..
(this is linked to Barbara's blog)  and found ourselves
somewhere to have supper/dinner.

We stopped in Il Bacio Express.. we loved it .
Very family orientated , you could see the food
be prepared , lovely setting and the food
was delicious. I just didn't know what to have !!

I had Pizza and ate the lot (except for a minute slice)

Wine and friends ..

Please go over to Barbara's blog to read more ,
she has super posts , not just about the wedding
and Stoke Newington
but lots of fantastic photography too.

We had a fantastic few days together .. and on the Tuesday
we all had to return home.  I met Barb and Didier at St Pancras
for Coffee and Croissant and to say Au revoir!

Strange being there , as I was not going or returning from Paris!!



  1. Sounds like you had a great time meeting up with everyone. It must have felt like a little bit of Paris in London :-) Amazing how many people we have all met up with through blogging, and even more amazing to find we both lived just down the road form each other at the time. Have a great week Anne and take care xxoxx

    1. Diane , that was just surreal to find out then that we lived just streets apart :-) xox

  2. Thank you for this, Anne! So lovely to see my friends and feel a part of things there. How wonderful blogging has been to bring like minds together and make friendships.

    1. That is my pleasure .. yes you are part of our group :-) , and we have all stayed friends , which is lovely xox

  3. Hi Anne. Lovely photos once again. How lovely to have met up with blog friends like that. Sounds like you had a great time. Interesting to read about the link with the Salvation Army.

  4. Hi Anne, thanks for the great post and great photos. I'm so glad that you came and had a good time. Love the picture of Barbara and D! Can you believe that I still have not been to Il Bacio? Gotta go there!
    Jen xxx

  5. Congratulations for your newly-wed friends. How cool how people meeting in bloggers become friends! :)

    I wish we can meet too when I have the chance to go back to the UK.


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