Sunday 11 August 2013

This and that over the last few days .....

A huge Thistle in my friends garden .......
over 6ft tall.
And I think so wonderful.

Closed ...


Rippling clouds , which are
(had to ask hubby) 


Flowers from Hubby

Blackberries in my front garden ,,
not planted by me .
Asbolutely 100's of them !!


Hope everyone has had a great weekend and have a great week too.
be back with more of France , one more place
near Monaco and then Paris !! Oh and I also have London
to do to.. ♥


  1. That's nice; flowers from hubby which aren't garage carnations! Lucky lady... ;0)

    1. Ha ha ha Gaynor ,, he would not dare buy garage carnations LOL ,,

  2. That is the most amazing thistel I have ever seen! You got some fantastic shots of it. And lucky you to receive sunflowers from hubby! There are scads of them in the garden where Jaclyn will be married next Sunday. So beautiful.

    1. Hi Leslie ,, Isn't it just amazing ,, I had to wait for it to bloom , and just got there at the right time ,, Sunflowers are amazing ,, how amazing for Jaclyn next week ,, going to be fab,, and yes lucky me :-) xx

  3. What a magnificent thistle and a great set of photos Anne. Thanks for all your continuing support during what has been a difficult year for me, you are so much appreciated. xx

    1. Thank you Linda,, I got the photo just at the right time, I had the closed one a few weeks , went round to my friends yesterday and spotted it ,, in bloom. We all need support at certain times of our lives ,, always here , take care xx

  4. Anne that thistle looks like an artichoke to me. The ones in my garden look just the same but before the flower part appears I eat them! The clouds are beautiful. Have a good week and take care. Diane xox

  5. Don't tell my dad about those blackberries, he'll steal them all and make more jam!


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