Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ceramics and my latest piece of Artwork ,,

For 10 days in July,
my great friend Sarah
was away on holiday and
asked me to help run her
ceramic shop  The Funky Teapot .
The first week I had
a lovely young girl with me
(on work experience)
and in the quieter times
we did a little bit of painting ourselves.
This is my piece ...

As you can see the colours look good but dull.
After this has dried properly , the jug is glazed
and then fired in the kiln , and it goes all shiny .
Tomorrow or Friday you will see the results ♥♥

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Still Meandering around the streets high up in Monaco ..

After the slight disappointment of not getting into the
Linda and I took off to the back of it
and discovered wonderful things.
I love this little lane ,, we needed more time to peruse BUT
we  WERE there for the Grand prix and had to get
back down to Party !!!
This post is a mixture, just snap what you like :-)

 Love the colours above ,,

 A very unusual open cross ,,

This bird was high up , eyeing up someone's dinner ,!!!
According to the man I asked about this bird
this is a Goéland Leucophee (yellow legged gull,

We just loved it , we wish we had been there for a lot longer,
high up here is a different feel than central Monaco , this I would
say is like its only little village, Linda and I know
where we are going to eat , IF we go again, yes
we will climb up here ♥ ♥
Next time we will take another little trip somewhere else,
stay tuned. ♥♥♥

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

High up overlooking Monaco ..

Is the Prince's Palace of Monaco

Francesco Grimaldi (François, in French) called il Malizia ("the Cunning"), was the Genoese leader of the Guelphs who captured the Rock of Monaco on the night of 8 January 1297.

In 1997, the Principality of Monaco celebrated the 700 year reign of the Grimaldi dynasty. It all began on January 8, 1297 when the Guelf François Grimaldi dressed as a Franciscan monk, seized the fortress protecting the famous rock of Monaco and the port of Hercules.

And the spectacular

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco Cathedral ) is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Monaco in Monaco-Ville, Monaco, where many of the Grimaldis were buried, including Grace Kelly and more recently, Rainier III.

Linda and I had been searching for the burial place
of Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier for a few days ,
eventually we found it , yes the Cathedral, so
we climbed all the way up and guess what?

We could not go in .!!! There was a private mass
so it must of been the family inside !!
We could of returned the next day , but it
was race day and it would of been too much.

Linda was okay with it , had to be, unless
she was going to argue with the guard on the door!!

We were actually so happy that we made it up there, saw
the Palace and the surroundings , it is fantastic up there,
like a little village , had we known , we would of gone
up there, when we first arrived. ☻


 More to come

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Oooops - I made a Postcard Mistake ...

Sorry Diane ...
This card I posted as being from Holland and
Davina was
NOT ..
It was from my good friend Diane in Charente ..

Diane was in

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie -  in the Lot area , France
saw the card and sent it to me ♥

Thank you Diane !!
It was from my good friend Diane in Charante ..
 Les Sabots are the all wooden clog, whilst the
Galoches are a wooden sole and heel and Leather uppers..
Diane sent one of this lovely shop instead of the normal views,,
Sorry Diane ,, I just had another look,
It must of been the clogs that threw  me ...:-)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Two lovely postcards from The Netherlands , thanks to Instagram and Davina .

I have not been on
for long, and
what you can find are lovely photos!
Whilst doing a search one day ,
I came across a lady named
Davina  who
She also likes to swap postcards ,,
When I got home  there on the table
was a postcard from The Netherlands, not your usual
scene , but this delightful shop ♥


It seems that Les Sabots are the all wooden clog, whilst the
Galoches are a wooden sole and heel and Leather uppers..
If  you would like to know more about the Clog click on the link!
Then today I found another card, which was the first one
she sent ...
from a place in The Netherlands that I have never heard of .. Fryslan.
Leeuwarden, is the capital of Fryslan ",  tens of thousands of visitors a year head  to the north western Dutch province of Fryslan, a culturally distinct corner of the Netherlands. Visitors have placed the city on a touristic pedestal: Leeuwarden has been crowned the best Dutch city with a population under 100,000, and one of the 15 best cities in Europe.
A big thank you to Davina for these wonderful cards .
Yes Davina  did get one from Paris and she loved it!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hi Friends ,,, A big Thank you ....

A big thank you to you all for
all your wonderful comments  on my
latest posts of Monaco and before .
sorry I have not replied to all of you .

I have still not managed to finish Monaco
posts off yet and now more of Paris ,, I will
be sorting them out soon ,, Life goes on :-)
So in the meantime , here is a little collage of
flowers taken over time ,,
They are for you to say Thank you ♥

Monday, 1 July 2013

Taking a little coach journey .. Nice to Monaco ...

Our Tour Manager Kevin
was brilliant, he gave us
of options for travel ,,
Either drop us off at Nice St Augustin railway station ,
so we can make our own way to Monaco
or take the bus with him,, this time it was
on the scenic route ...
So Linda and I decided we would do this ,
with photo opportunities' on the way ..


On one of the bends approaching Villefranche -sur-Mer,
on the Boulevard Princess Grace,
 is a memorial to the actress Grace Kelly,
 wife of His Serene Highness Prince Rainier of Monaco.


I hope you enjoyed this little trip as much as Linda and I did ,
we absolutely had a fascinating and fun time .
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