Wednesday 17 July 2013

Oooops - I made a Postcard Mistake ...

Sorry Diane ...
This card I posted as being from Holland and
Davina was
NOT ..
It was from my good friend Diane in Charente ..

Diane was in

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie -  in the Lot area , France
saw the card and sent it to me ♥

Thank you Diane !!
It was from my good friend Diane in Charante ..
 Les Sabots are the all wooden clog, whilst the
Galoches are a wooden sole and heel and Leather uppers..
Diane sent one of this lovely shop instead of the normal views,,
Sorry Diane ,, I just had another look,
It must of been the clogs that threw  me ...:-)


  1. I just thought that it was different, but I never thought about Holland! Keep well Diane xx

    1. Ha ha Diane , as soon as I saw the clogs I thought Holland ,and then read the card too ,, It is super to get a different card ♥

  2. Lovely but did you get my postcard from Anglesey ? it had 3 Welsh ladies on it...Di..xx

    1. Hi Diane , no I did not get your card :-( , oh shame when that happens , xx

  3. Who knew they wore clogs in Charente! Guess I learned something today.

  4. Hi Anne,
    Aaah. This was the card that you told me about. Yes, sabots; clomp,clomp, clomp... This store must be a rarity if they still make them. It must be quite a visit :)

    Take care & stay cool.


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