Hi Friends ,,, A big Thank you ....

A big thank you to you all for
all your wonderful comments  on my
latest posts of Monaco and before .
sorry I have not replied to all of you .

I have still not managed to finish Monaco
posts off yet and now more of Paris ,, I will
be sorting them out soon ,, Life goes on :-)
So in the meantime , here is a little collage of
flowers taken over time ,,
They are for you to say Thank you ♥


  1. What a life you lead. Thanks for the lovely flowers

  2. and what a lovely thank you. See you in Sept? Chat soon Diane xxoxx

  3. Anne, your photos are masterpieces!

  4. Hi Anne,
    Very well done! :)
    This Hibiscus and all the lovely flowers around it remind me of a multicolor flower lei!
    Have a beautiful Monday.

  5. Super photos. Would be honoured to be added to your impressive blogroll list! Thanks for asking. Axxx


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