Monday 3 June 2013

Whose for Nougat??

As we were making our way down to
Chaumont, for our overnight stop,
we took a break at the delightful services!!
(I mean that sincerely not in a sarcastic way)

We stopped at one that had the most fabulous shop
 it was filled with NOUGAT , bags of it , slabs of it,
all delightful flavours too!!

The words  "nougat" and Montélimar have gone together
since the end of the 17th century, when the first almonds were
introduced in the region by Olivier de Serre, some years earlier.
Nougat has always been made with honey, almonds and spices and in  the 17th century Provence became the only place to make it,  also  during this time Olivier de Serres planted the first almond trees near Montélimar, and they started adding the nut to the recipe.

Have you read or heard about the 13 desserts (Nougat being one of them)
of Christmas in the Provence??
Can you imagine it at all!!

The history of Diane de Poytiers can be found on here
, it is a very interesting read.
Love the tin , there were lots more designs but this one caught my eye.
I have been reading about Montelimar since I got back and
I WANT to go ,, my list is getting longer and longer ..
(I must take the date thing off my camera!!!)
Sorry there is not much write up, I did a
post earlier and blogger decided not to play!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Merisi , thank you for commenting . Sure is tempting , I love nougat,:-)

  2. From the photos I'd say you were like a kid in a candy store! lol Reminds me of Mrs. Simms (in a way) in Oxford. Gorgeous and surely delicious. XXX

    1. Hi Leslie, I was like a kid :-) ,, NO this was so different , Nougat everywhere, lovingly packaged and yes I am sure it was all delicious, xx

  3. yummy ! and nougat can be quite addictive :-) we used to follow the 13 desserts tradition at sisters and I are born in Provence and my mother loved that tradition...but 1 dessert can be one nut, one raisin, one walnut so it's quite ok !
    xo Lala

    1. Hello Lala ,, so glad I added the 13 dessert tradition into the post :-) Provence is so wonderful I think the tradition is brilliant , now that you have explained it :-) xo

  4. Did you take any of these ball home with you?

  5. Hi there Anne. Nougat - Mmmm, I just love it. Not much good for your teeth though, but I try to get a soft one. I remember my friend and I bought the best Nougat I had ever tasted, in Sicily, a few years ago. It was SO scrummy! Gorgeous photos today Anne.

  6. I love nougat but haven't heard of this kind. Of course, I will now keep my eyes open for it. Have fun in Provence. Such a beautiful area.

  7. Mmmmmm love nougat :-) Diane xx

  8. Hi Anne,
    Montélimar is as you could see the Nougat capital of France!
    You have to eat a little, just for taste.
    I have heard a few weathermen use puns when talking about the heat in the South of France in summer, saying that " It's so hot, the Nougat is melting at Montélimar ;) ).
    Take care and thanks for sharing.

  9. Nougat is one of the few sweet things I don't like!


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