Wednesday 5 June 2013

The first night in Nice ..

We were staying in Carros ,
which is about 10kms
from Nice , so a little far out
but as we were on a Tour with
an excellent Tour Manager
it was not a problem.

The hotel we stayed at was brilliant and the
staff were really good , friendly and helpful,
The company we used to travel with
have used this place before and they know the staff.
After arriving there at between 7 and 8 pm ,,
and travelling all day  from Chaumont,

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we were given the choice
of staying in the hotel and sorting ourselves out
or going into Nice and getting picked up at 11.30 pm ..
What do you think we did???
Of course we went to Nice !!!,

We went to Nice Flower Market

Cours Seleya.

which is
Flowers by day and restaurants by Night!!
We didn't sample the fabulous Seafood dish
but doesn't it look tasty??
Linda unfortunately doesn't like fish but it's fine
I got to try some later in the week .


  1. What a beautiful hotel! And I would have been right with you going into Nice for the evening. The day we were there was so hot I thought I would faint so we ended up sleeping all afternoon and getting up around 6pm to enjoy the nightlife!

    1. Of course you would of been with us Leslie :-) we were tired but it was fab. ♥

  2. We sailed past Nice, decided that we would rather stay on the ship and then drive to the South of the France maybe in Autumn when the crowds are thinning out a bit. Sounds like you had a really fab time. I have so many photos to sort it is going to take me sometime before I start blogging properly again!! Take care Diane oxo

    1. Excellent idea Diane ,, It is wonderful , yes better without the crowds . we had a fab time, cannot forget it. I have tried to do another blog post , photos need sorting first , take care Anne xx

  3. Hi Anne,
    Brilliant collage & brilliant stop in Nice.
    I have never been there so I am traveling a bit through your photos.
    P.S. I have been through Chaumont to& from the Eastern part of the country.

    1. Hello Barbara ,, thank you hun .. we went through Nice everyday , and this really was the only real stop , more next time, we want to go back , I hope you enjoy your travels through my photos , more to come . xox

  4. Oh lovely! I want to go on holiday!

  5. Hi Anne. Sorry I'm a bit late popping by! I have been to Nice, when the family had a house down there for a month a few years ago, and I went over and stayed with them for a week. It is lovely, but we were a little disappointed with the pebbly beach! Trouble is, we have so many amazing sandy beaches right near where we live, that pebbles don't really cut it with us!! Lovely photos today - I love fish, I must admit and usually have it if I go to a restaurant.

  6. Can't wait to read more about your trip. Will you be playing along with Dreaming of France since you were in France?


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