Thursday 14 February 2013

Sweet Treats of Rouen .......

We have Sweet/Chocolate shops in England


they never look as good as those in France ...

Above right (the one with the apple on top of the box) is
Le cadran du Gros Horloge
or the Gros Horloge chocolate clockface  ....

The Gros Horloge is Rouen’s signature monument and these chocolates do it justice –
inside the rich outer casing of chocolate is a melt in the mouth apple and calvados.

Les larmes de Jeanne d’Arc
Honoring one of the most iconic characters in the history of Rouen,
Tears of Joan of Arc are the best-selling specialties of the city.
Its oval shape gave its name to the toasted almond, caramel and
enrobed in dark chocolate.
Its cocoa ganache cover will delight all gourmands!

 Just look at these tools and the Formula 1 Car ....

Had to put this in :-)


  1. But why is it that French women are always so slim???? It's not fair! lol

    1. No idea why that is Leslie... something to do with their diet LOL LOL ... Hope you are well , xoxo

  2. I have never been to France yet except Nice, but it looks like candy heaven:)
    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

    1. Ola , you will have to go one day, I am sure you will love it :-)

  3. You are tempting my taste buds again :-)))) That F1 car is fantastic. We had a guy in Mafikeng (from Europe!) who was an artist with chocolate, wish you could have seen his work, superb. Keep well Diane xoxo

    1. Hi Diane .... I always try something new when in France .. these were tasty :-) .. Yes the F1 car is super ... some who is an artist with Chocolate is brilliant .. I have seen some fantastic sculptures .. keep well too xoxo

  4. In the UK I look at the prices and usually walk past! In France I still have that holiday mentality which tells me to stop and buy.

    1. Hi Gaynor ... I have no trouble spending Euros ... it is the pound I cannot spend LOL LOL ...

  5. oh...the car is priceless ! :-)
    glad to hear, you had beautiful weather too, Anne...
    Have a very happy week end!

    ps : by the way, something i didn't tell you, re the place where we did the fashion show last october, the owner has a driving circuit here in Andalusia and is absolutely crazy about formula 1...i thought i should mention this to you :-)

    1. Hi Lala, it was in 2011 when we were In rouen ..but yes it was lovely weather :-)... I was amazed when I saw the F1 car ..Oh I bet the owner goes to a lot of F1 races ... A driving circuit ?? Do you know the name of the place. my husband is in Spain right now .. Happy weekend xo

  6. Hi again Anne,
    the circuit is in Guadix (here is the link : It's in the south of Spain, 2 hrs from Granada.
    Happy week end to you too ! xo

  7. They look good enough to eat! ;-) I especially love the Tears of Joan of Arc! Thanks for the lesson, Anne.

  8. Beautiful. Will soon be enjoying Italian choc I hope! See you when i get back. x

  9. Yum! I'm off to raid the pantry!

  10. Hi Anne,
    I am happy to be here to see more of Rouen.
    How creative! These patisseries/ chocolateries have so many beautiful and yummy items. A chocolate F1 car?!! If I may say, an affordable treat compared to the real car ;)

    Bises xox

  11. it figures you'd manage to find a F1 car made of chocolate ;-)

    The truffle almonds look gooooood.

  12. Oh heavens!
    Severely dangerous
    France is a trap
    And I'm the hapless mouse...

  13. I have the same photo of the macaroons from Rouen last August!!


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