Wednesday 5 September 2012

A surprise postcard !!

A postcard from
This is an unusual card
as it has two scenes to see.
When you move it , back and forth,
gives you a different picture.!!
(I am stuck with this one
as I cannot remember the name for this!!)
Is it a Hologram Postcard????
Scene 1 …..
vue aerienne de capbreton et hossegor
(ariel view of the cape and Hossegor)
Scene 2
Hossegor, Golf and

Merci beaucoup Brigitte mon cher ami.
J'espère que vous avez passé des vacances fantastiques.


  1. C'est une carte postale merveilleuse!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great card but I have no idea what it is called! Lenticular printing comes to mind but...... Have a good evening. Diane xx

  4. merci leslie, oui, c'est une carte merveilleuse.

  5. Lovely card I have no idea either of what they are called though.

  6. Hi Anne. Get you, with your french language above!! Lovely postcard and, yes, I'm sure it's a hologram. You must inbox me your address, so that I can get a postcard off to you when I'm away in Gran Canaria!

  7. Hi All, yes I think it is called a Hologram too, thank you for your lovely comments :-) xx

  8. I love coming over to visit you....your postcard collection must be amazing! xoxox Hugs

    1. Hello Koralee, thank you for visiting me .. yes my collection is amazing, so I think I am going to turn it into a piece of art and put them altogether in one big frame :-) xx hugs.

  9. Very cool post card. I haven't seen one like this before

  10. Hi Anne, thanks for the kind post. It's a 3D postcard, I thought it was pretty cool too!
    Glad you enjoyed it, changes from the basic postcards we send.
    Have a great weekend my friend, we'll be in touch soon.
    <3 Brigitte


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