Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Two more Postcards … Thanks Jennifer and Leesa ..

This is

Lombard Street, San Francisco.

famous for having a STEEP,

one-block section, that consists

of EIGHT tight hairpin turns.


I would love to see it, not sure about

walking up it, but would give it a go!!!!!



Jennifer,  my good  friend from Paris sent this to

me on her recent trip to the USA.


The next one is from my good  friend Leesa, who also lives in Paris..

a postcard from one of our favourite parcs…

Le Parc De Sceaux.

in the southern suburbs of Paris, on the RER B line.



We (Leesa, Jennifer, Barbara and Dawn)  had a lovely walk round here,

started off with a coffee and a snack .. great  cafe!

Beautiful grounds, the fountains, the house.

One thing that fascinates me are

the TREES.. the same height and all lined up!!


A BIG Thank you Jennifer and Leesa … my collection is growing !!!!

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  1. Hi Anne, it's fun to drive down Lombard Street, I did that once! It's so funny to see the old cars in that photo. The street looks the same though. Take care and hope to see you soon :-)) Jen

  2. I have a photo of me sitting on the edge of the garden on Lombard Street. I was there in, let's see...1990 I think!

  3. Such lovely cards and I agree that the one of the trees all so much in line is quite amazing. You must have boxes of post cards now. Keep well and have a good day. Diane xx

  4. The famous street that we have all seen in car chases, it would be something to go there for real!

  5. Of all the pictures, yours is the best one!


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