Monday 9 July 2012

My friends never forgot me ….. It is Postcard time…

This first one will surprise my friend
Linda sent me this postcard
way back in January
whilst on holiday in Wales..
I thought I never received it ..
BUT I found amongst the collection.!!!!
seen from Afon Dysynni
The second one is also from Wales..
from my friend
this is of the
Bluebells over Three Cliffs Bay
on the south coast of the
Gower Peninisula.
My good friend Diane AKA Trubes sent me this one!
The next one is from Seahouses, Northumberland
Seahouses is a large village on the North Northumberland coast in England.
It is about 20 km north of Alnwick
Big Thank you to you my friends
sorry it has take me so long
to put them on the blog!!
Another post to come
Thank you


  1. What a surprise indeed, it is lovely to have you back blogging about your post card collection. Guess you sorted out the photo posting issue then. :)

  2. Wales looks so beautiful. I have only cycled along the border so I have missed most of its beauty. Guess I will never get there now! Keep well and have a good evening. Diane xx

  3. Seriously, how did we ever survive before Bloggy-Friends?

  4. As a child growing up in Wales must holidays were spent on the Gower where my parents had a caravan. It really is beautiful.


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