Monday, 28 February 2011

Thank you to you all …..

I have had brilliant comments

from you … (you know who you are)

and so many too!!

Wonderful to have such

great friends around the world.

flower1 Cimg8137 flower2







Flowers for you ..♥♥

Sunday, 27 February 2011

John Betjeman ……

Lived in Wantage
from 1951 to  1972 ..
and a
was made in a woody area
of the town.
betjemin parc
betja parc 2

The park has his poems dotted around , as seen in
the photo above.. .. whilst researching I came across a link


I also found out that there is going to be
in September 2011.
I forgot I had been to the park when
I first moved here ….!!!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lovely to receive a handwritten letter …..

From a great friend in
Yes I know it is a New Year card….. I don’t
mind at all .. inside was a wonderful letter too ..
Thank you Jennifer.
Jennifer is a lovely lady I met in Paris ….
In August 2009, whilst I was looking after
a friends apartment and her cats .. (unfortunately
these lovely people had to return to the USA) :-(

Jennifer left me a comment on my blog
saying she lived in Paris and would
I like to meet up for coffee!!! 
Such a brilliant opportunity
so we met , went for coffee Kirs and dinner

I know she said  coffee , being polite  as
she didn’t know me .. She does now! ♥♥
We had a fabulous few hours and have met
up since .. and I introduced her to my other great friends
Leesa, Dawn and Barbara.  
Dawn, Leesa, Barbara and Jennifer .
Our great day out at Parc de Sceaux.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gateway to Paris

or as some would say

 once earmarked

was  SAVED  by this man...

And in the shadowless, unclouded glare
Deep blue above us fades to whiteness where
A misty sea-line meets the wash of air.

The  words  above were taken from the poem

For those who have never seen this before ..
it is upstairs ...

along with this other statue

by British artist Paul Day

Quote taken from the internet ...

"It's like a giant signpost to direct the gaze up to the clock"

On reading the reviews - Some love it , some like it
and some think it is hideous!

Found this interesting link of the day the statue was placed.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another place to visit in Paris ........

One day on a two week visit
to Paris, I took myself off
to the Marais ....
and came across this
wonderful museum and it had
FREE entrance!!

is in the 3rd Arrondissement ... in the
heart of the Marais area. 

Henry Philip Hope

I am trying to find out more about Henry, google just takes
me to a site about the Hope Diamond and its curse!!
We also have a few more links ..thanks to my friends Diane
and Linda ..   Not only is Henry linked
to the Diamond , he is also linked to the Hope Pearl.

A miniature on enamel in 1802 by Henry Bone (1756-1834).
 Henry Bone was an English enammelist who specialised in "large miniatures".

Click on photo to enlarge.

 is what Paris is about ..
 you will see
so much more .. and no
doubt you will want to stop for
a coffee or a bite to eat..


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Two Lovely Postcards …..

Thank you Leesa
This first card  was bought on route ..
a quick ‘stop over’  she said “long enough
to grab some postcards!!!
Very thoughtful..♥♥Cimg8113
Leesa is in Costa Rica to see her
Dad and Step-mum and family…  ..
She is having a fabulous time….it looks
Leesa has lots and lots of Photos, you will be
reading for days ♥
Here is a link to her Costa Blog…..
Hotel Banana Azul .. is in  Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica…
check out their website …
I definitely could relax there!!!
If you do call over to Leesa’s blog ..
do make sure you have a lot of time .. :-) :-)
Merci à mon ami merveilleux ♥♥

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Surprise Award ……

I have been  awarded



This was given to me by Keith

who writes A Taste of Garlic.

He reviews, shares and promotes

other people’s Life in France experiences

as described in their blogs.



Keith’s blog is  very interesting,

you will find  brilliant blogs!!

And lots lots more!!!

Don’t just take my word for it..

GO over and have a look yourself !!!

A BIG Thank you To  Keith.