Friday, 30 July 2010

Great day out with the Gals in Parc de Sceaux .....

Back in May of this year,
we all met up for the afternoon at

Dawn, Leesa, Barbara and Jennifer

We had a lot of fun, and the day
brought two of my
friends together,
Barbara and Jennifer.

I think I am right in
that Dawn and Jennifer
had met before.
(forgive me if I am wrong).

Parc de Sceaux is located
in the southern
suburbs, 9.7 km (6miles) from the
centre of Paris.. served by the
RER line B.

UPDATE :- I was wrong!!
This was the first time
Jennifer had met Dawn too!!

How wonderful that I
brought them altogether.!

This includes Leesa, as I was the
first one to meet Jennifer.!


  1. What a beautiful big open park - and I love that chipmunk ! in fact I have never seen a chipmunk - very cutsie!!
    have a lovely week-end
    Dianne xx

  2. Hi Anne, great post! That was the first time I had met both Barbara and Dawn. I especially love your collages of the park.
    Bon weekend!

  3. Hello dear Anne. Parc Seaux is now on my list with Parc des Buttes Charmont (sp?). Finally a pic of Jennifer. I read her Paris blog too (think I met her through you actually, you are such a uniter!) and read about her previous visit to the Parc with Leesa. Thank you for sharing. You ladies certainly enjoyed yourselves and I marvel that you did all this and sent me a postcard too. It is still on my fridge, cheering me up. Have a good weekend.

  4. Oh what delightful pictures! Your lucky to have such good friends and lovely places to go.

  5. What fun...I love following you on your travels. Our daughter is heading to the UK in the fall to college..we are so excited to get over to visit in the Spring. xoxo

    Happy weekend.

  6. I haven't visited there but it's on my list now.

  7. Wow - it feels like only yesterday - except that it was really cool! I love the way you do your collages - you'll have to teach me!

  8. Bonjour Anne,
    Looks like you were all having a great time. Cannot believe the heavy jackets, it has been so hot here!
    Hope all is going well for you.
    Bon week-end Anne!

  9. How lovely that you have brought together this group of women with common interests!

  10. Beautiful collages, as always. What a lovely place. How cute that chipmunk is!

  11. Bonjour Anne,

    As usual, well done,with your photo montages.It makes me feel a bit proud to live in that area!

    And, friends meet other friends and we share and have fun. Thats what Life is at its best.

  12. Your pictures are wonderful! It must have been a wonderful trip.
    Hope your week is off to a great start, Anne. xxx

  13. Looks like ya'll are having fun. :-)


    have fun... travel safe... (and drink good wine in France!)

  14. How do you do that thing with the photos?


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