Sunday, 27 February 2011

John Betjeman ……

Lived in Wantage
from 1951 to  1972 ..
and a
was made in a woody area
of the town.
betjemin parc
betja parc 2

The park has his poems dotted around , as seen in
the photo above.. .. whilst researching I came across a link


I also found out that there is going to be
in September 2011.
I forgot I had been to the park when
I first moved here ….!!!


  1. Now you just knew I would be interested in learning more about John Betjeman Anne. I had no idea about the Memorial Park but knew he had lived in that part of the UK.

  2. Beautiful photos, Ann. That does really look like a lovely Memorial Park for the great man. I would be really interested in going to the Festival. If only I lived a bit closer! Hope you're okay up there in Oxfordshire. The days are gradually getting a bit longer.

  3. I won't be here in September, or I hope not anyway :-)) Diane

  4. Hi,
    I popped in here via Bluebird Notes. Those pics are gorgeous. It is lso nice to see someone blogging about something different to the usual.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics of Paris and your lovely story of making a new friend.

  5. I enjoyed your walk in the park, Anne! I really LOVED the warm sunshine on my face, sigh, wish I could say that everyday again. We have to wait a little longer, I am afraid.
    Love for a sweet evening xxx

  6. What a beautiful setting for a final resting place.

  7. Well, I don't know who he is but I do like the area for the memorial. Looks like a lovely place.

  8. Have been away a few weeks but how nice to catch up on your posts.

    Poems dotted like flowers for reflection in the woods is so romantic...

  9. Nice! Do you know that there is a little park, Square des Poètes, also in Paris? :-)

  10. Salut Anne. Thanks for the warm welcome back and for making me want to go straight back to the countryside with your lovely pictures ;-) Unfortunately London is just as chilli and grey - but without the lovely walks...

    Park, lots of green, woodlands and poems - it looks beautiful and certainly like a place I should visit at some point. Thanks for sharing :-) xo


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