Thursday 20 January 2011

On a cold and wintery day in England, where do you go for a day out???

We wrapped up and
went on an unusual day out!!

I say unusual,
as I have not been
to a zoo or wildlife
park without children.

Arni and I  went to the

Click on photos to enlarge.

We were hoping to go to Europe
for a few days when Arni
had his leave from work!!

But then we got snowed in,
couldn't leave England,
couldn't leave Oxfordshire
for days and just had to get out!!

At least it didn't rain until we were
leaving the Park.


  1. You got me thinking. I've never been to a zoo without children either. Must be an odd experience. Sorry that you couldn't make it to Europe. Try Paris in April. It really is lovely then.

  2. Hi Anne. Like you, I have never been to the Zoo or Wildlife Park without children, so it must have been an unusual experience! But at least you got out, which is the main thing! The sun has been shining brightly down in Devon for the past few days, thank goodness. So much better than those dark, damp, dreary days that we were having. Take care.

  3. Fantastic experience. Is it rain on the pictures with the lions?

  4. I have never been to a zoo or a wild life park in the UK. I think I have been too spoilt living in Africa and seeing it real time. Hope all is well with you. We really must make a plan. I return 26 March to my home! Diane x

  5. Ha, I sm glad you guys went to the zoo ... i love the zoo. but it doesn't seem that cold here, as I see rain. Over here, right now it is 1F which is -17C ... i still have to go out .. not to the zoo but the routine work commute.

  6. Looks great except I had to scroll quickly past the snake...phobia! Other than going to the see those reptiles, I'd love to see the park.

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  8. Hi Anne,
    Now, I have no problem going to a zoo without kids! I love this!
    Excellent outing idea!!
    I loved your pics :)

    Take care, sweetheart xo

  9. Something different to do and it provided some good photos to share with us.

  10. Hope you didn't get too close to that lion.

  11. Salut Anne, I think it's a great idea to go to the zoo...with or without kids. It makes for a great day out and is different from the usual things... By the way, I wanted to say Thank You for all your lovely comments on my blog - I really enjoy and appreciate them. Love from London xo

  12. Wow! Love the photos. Those lions look so regal. Glad the rain held off for you.

  13. It is years since I have been there. I used to go quite regularly.

  14. I wouldn't have thought of going somewhere as cold as this on a winter's day, but good on you. I bet the animals were pleased of the company.

  15. Looks like fun. There is an old zoo near us that I saw years ago. Maybe I will bundle up and visit it.

  16. I have been to a zoo when I was young and never went again. I'd like to visit one again, there are many here in Italy. Nice idea and lovely pictures. Ciao!

  17. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Am very impressed with your blog and it's layout...I think I need to learn to make mine visually exciting too!! Drop in to 'theteapotperspective' again soon..and tell all your friends..the kettle is on the boil, and the mugs are at the ready! Looking forward to more posts! :)

    Best wishes,

  18. At first I thought it was the natural History park in London but there are no snakes or lions there.
    New York is very snowed in today - no chance to get to the corner hardly..

  19. Looks like the perfect spot for a day out on a chilly day, Anne. I haven't been among animals for quite a while, think we should go more often.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening xxx

  20. Luckily I went to college close to a zoo. I use to spend the day there if I didn't feel like going to class.

  21. What a good idea that was! Now I have to think through what might be that the children are grown. We are feeling the cabin fever and are tired of the snow at the Jersey Shore, and a trip to the zoo might be fun.

  22. Going to the zoo without children? How strange but what a good idea. you don't get rushed from thing to thing but can take your time.

  23. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your lovely and supportive comment. I shall be posting again from Monday. Going to use the weekend to catch up on other blogs. Loved the photos, particularly of the lion. I do love going to zoos and animal parks and this post has made me want to go to one asap. :-)


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