Saturday, 27 March 2010

Blogging and my readers.....

I have had lots and lots of great comments and new readers not only in the last few months but weeks too! Sometimes it is hard to reply to all of you, so every now and again I like to give you, your own post...just to say Thank you. We must all remember this - What would be the point of blogging if we did not have readers and comments!

I found this little card the other day, just had to buy it, and the little angel you see is from Paris.. La boutique des Anges, 2 rue Yvonne Le Tac, 75018 Metro Abbesses/Anvers.

You can copy and paste for your side bar if you wish too!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

La Butte aux Cailles - 13th arrondissement - Paris

My friends Leesa, Barbara and Dawn, and I were meeting up here to have lunch at Aimee's teashop, L'oisive The.

I was a bit early, so decided to take a stroll around this area.

Church Sainte-Anne de la Buttes-aux-Cailles

Graffiti on a door way!

Had a lovely walk round and then back to meet my friends for lunch!

Friday, 19 March 2010

A wonderful surprise postcard...................

Xian China

This surprise came from Lindyloumac whose blog is News from Italy. We connected through Figs and Lemons blog where Linda found me, I believe back in December 2009. I am really pleased we met through blogging! You never know we could meet up on our travels.

Linda and her husband recently travelled to Hong Kong to visit their daughter, and took the opportunity to fly to Xian China. Whilst there, they went to see the Terracotta Army, which Linda said is AWESOME! They also saw many Pagodas like the one in the postcard.

Cannot wait for Linda to start writing about the trip, I am sure she will also have lots of photos for us! But in the meantime why not call over and have a read.

Linda and her husband moved to Northern Lazio, Italy in 2004, after becoming 'empty nesters' and wanted some fun and adventure! Who doesn't!!


Friday, 12 March 2010

Port Isaac - Part two.....

A few weeks ago, my friend Gillie and I had a very very quick trip to Port Isaac, Cornwall. In fact we were gone from home less than 24 hours!! But I still managed to take lots of photos. The reason we went down, was to help out our friend Emily in her restaurant, The Harbour. This is truly a beautiful place to wine and dine!

Port Isaac has quite a few little shops, but unfortunately I did not have time to go inside, or maybe that was a good thing!!

Hooper and Shaw

Hooper & Shaw was established by Nicole Heidaripour and Daniel Scott who live and work in Cornwall. I had the good fortune of meeting the lovely Nicole the night we worked as she was helping Emily out too!


One thing I have forgotten to mention on here, is that my friend Gillie owns a lovely little Fisherman's cottage in Port Isaac that she rents out. The shop Fearless is opposite and The Harbour is just down the lane. I have yet to stay in the cottage, hopefully soon!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Postcard of the Month - Thank you Lucy ..

Another wonderful postcard came through the letter box the other day..what a lovely surprise.The card came from Lucy who lives in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

Lucy and her family went to the Niagara Falls in February, it was pretty cold. Lets hope she can get there in the summer too.

Lucy has a fantastic blog, and one of her main photographic subjects is the SUNRISE! She gets up really early to go to work, always takes her camera ..and delights us as always with amazing photos.. Have a look here, here and here!! She tells us about a lot of other stuff too!!

Why not go over and have a read..

Thank You Lucy

Friday, 5 March 2010

Impromptu trip to Port Isaac - Cornwall.

A few weeks ago I had a phone call from my friend Gillie asking if I would like to go to Port Isaac with her. Gillie had had an SOS call from our friend Emily, who needed staff to help her in her restaurant - The Harbour, for just one evening.

How brilliant I said, have to ask hubby as he was going away the next morning to Spain. He was also very busy working from home. Phoned Gillie back..YES when are you going? Be round mine for 14.45 pm.. ok !! Yikes I haven't moved or packed so fast, it was 14.10 pm. All sorted and off we went.

It was a very quick visit, we got down there about 18.30ish, went to the restaurant, I had a quick chance to take some photos, we worked, went back to Emily's, a chat, glass of wine or two then bed, and back home the next morning. ....

These are the skies we met on our way down! Such a contrast, and such beautiful colours, we were amazed. These were all taken from the car, starting at about 15.30 til 18.30 ish!!

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Next time I am down there I hope to meet Elizabeth .. a lovely American lady, who moved to Cornwall from the USA to be with John . A truly amazing love story. Sorry not to have made it this time round :-(