Monday 15 March 2010

More photos of Port Isaac....

I went for a walkabout before starting work.

On our way home


  1. Can you imagine living in that house perched on that cliff with that probably most likely amazing view!!!
    VEry nice pictures Anne. Thanks for the tour! I would love to live there for a summer!

  2. That last image did it for me. What a stunning yet peaceful view!

  3. What a lovely place. And I love the look of those shops selling cards and posters.

  4. What a beautiful place!

    Loved your impromptu excursion story: It's amazing how fast one can change the scenery!

  5. Beautiful, Anne. Is this where they filmed "Doc Martin"?

  6. Hi Anne, here I am. We just comunicated few minutes ago on facebook. Thanks again for contacting, it's always a pleasure to be in contact with people around the world and know their stories and places. Glad to follow you! Here is my link, have a look when you want

    Buona Giornata! Anna

  7. my, oh, my. Your camera was very happy and very busy. Thank you for more shots of your quick visit. How did the working evening go, I wonder? The restaurant looks so perfect by the seaside. and I love her wine racks.

  8. Love that last photo..I imagine myself sitting on a rock having tea haha :)

  9. Memories for me again Anne.....

    Glad you featured the Fishmonger right on the harbour.

    The Chap who runs it, has a recipe for every piece of fish you buy...

    Roasted Turbot steaks in white wine, garlic, lemon, butter and parsley....seved with Cornish new potatoes and fresh garden peas...Superb!

    When the tide was out, we used to sit on the beach and watch the fishermen bringing in their catch...
    There is also a traditional English Pub, on the edge of the harbour that serves lovely beers coffee and tasty, proper home made food... marvellous stuff!


  10. Hi Anne,

    As you say, "brilliant !".
    Stunning views.
    love the ambiance of these small port towns. Such a world of difference with our urban surroundings !

    You could imagine; if I had friends who offered me a similar chance, I would grab it too !
    ( getting me out of the house :) )


  11. I dream of an England like this...
    Lovely photos!

  12. wow such a beautiful looking place.... great for walking i bet :-)

  13. That's beautiful Anne.
    I see alot of my favorite blues in your photos :-)

  14. oh wow! Looks amazing. Stay right there, I'm packing my bags and then I'll call you for directions ;-)

  15. Oh, you've gone and made me feel all nostalgic! x

  16. Sally in Norfolk:
    PortIsaac is the most lovely place for walking, there is a wonderful coastal walk and lots ofother places to walk to, from the village...
    Well worth a visit, I do hope you find time to go there.


  17. Port Isaac is my favourite place in Cornwall.

    Just perfect.


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