Sunday, 28 February 2010

Our Anniversary Evening......

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments
on the previous post.
We had a lovely anniversary evening.

The chocolates were a Christmas present only opened last night!! Special chocolates for a special occasion!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Gratitude Friday................

The sun has come out, even though a little windy. My husband is home tonight (after 1am though) ..and only for a couple of weeks, before he is off again.

It is our anniversary tomorrow, not sure what we will be doing, if anything, but he will be home.

Grateful for all my wonderful blogging friends, who are helping me keep this blog open. So pleased you loved the tour of the fabulous shops.. we need to save up and have a get together and a spending spree!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Happy Birthday to Patrizia.....

My good friend Pat from Sicily Scene is having a special birthday......14th February!



Pat's blog is Sicily Scene , a brilliant blog amazing insight into life over in Sicily!! Call in and have a read. She also has great photos too. Oh I must not forget tales of Simi her lovely little dog!

If anyone is wondering why the Welshcakes and Limoncello, well that is her Blog name !!!

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Year - New Friends .......................

This year brought NEW READERS and commenters... Brilliant! It is always great when you see different names appear! But what I didn't expect was this ....................AN AWARD.

Jenny from Pleasant Places kindly awarded me with this... What a surprise!!

Jenny has a wonderful blog, with tales of her travels ...and guess where she has been...PARIS. Another Paris lover :-) ... Jenny and her family also had adventures in London, with lots of photos. Why not call in and enjoy her adventures too. Thank you so much Jenny.

Now the only thing I have to do now is pass on the award to 10 or 15 other blogs which I have discovered and who I think are great....that is a problem.!! I have so many that I love, so many that I have been reading for the last few years..and now new ones! So how do I choose?
So sorry I am going to change the rules... I award this to you all.....

Please copy and paste this Friends Award for your blog!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Muswell Hill, North London...Part 1...

I go to London quite a bit, to visit my mother-in-law. While I am there I try to get to Muswell Hill to browse around, have a coffee, look at all the little individual shops, of which there are quite a few! Sometimes I am there hours!

A few weeks ago I picked up a copy of Woman and Home February issue, and came across an article about a new Tearoom and Gift shop in Fortis Green, Muswell Hill.. I thought "where is it" I want to go. Of course my mother-in-law pointed me in the right direction and so off I went on the bus. And there it was..Emporium - Tearoom and Fancy Goods. First Impression .."Delightful".

I had a look round first and then spoke to a lovely lady in the gift shop side, explained that I would like to take some photos to put on my blog! They were intrigued about Blogging!

It is a wonderful place to have coffee, a bite to eat and chat with friends or as I did, sat in the cosy corner!

The next day, my mother-in-law told me about a new Ceramic shop, not far from her, so I thought I would walk up there to have look. The shop is in Alexandra Park Road and is Called ZEBRA!! It is so great to look at, so inviting, with the coffee corner too! Had a look around, a coffee and a chat to one of the owners, lovely lady named Andrea..

A DELIGHTFUL place for Painting, fun, coffee and Cake!

Very relaxing way to spend a few hours!!

I have been doing Ceramics for quite a few years now, started in Wales where I used to attend a club at Raf St Athan, learnt how to make the items and paint etc and then became one of the session tutors, and now I visit my friends shop in Wantage, The Funky Teapot. So we had a lot to talk about, all very interesting, how they (her and friend Rachel) started out! The amazing thing I found out was that Andrea used to live in Oxford and work in a place called Harwell, not far from me. A small world!

Definitely Going Back!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Painting ……

Today I went to a Charity event, being held by my great friend Sarah, who was raising money for her sisters orphanage in Thailand. We paid £15 each, to paint a picture and every penny went to them. We were being guided by a great lady Beryl Maile who is Professional Artist. Beryl provided all the paints, card, and mounts for us and did not take a penny. She is such a hoot too! Every now and again she would come out with a little ditty, and made us laugh!!

Beryl’s favourite saying is “Can I make a suggestion” and I said “No” I like my painting as it is…We did each section in stages, Sky, then the fields and then the each time she would say this.. she said at the end, that she liked me because I was positive about what I saw in my painting. We all had a brilliant time.

A big thank you to Beryl for giving up her day to help us raise money for such a worthy cause.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Dubai to South Africa …..

As I said in my post yesterday, my good friend Dawn went to South Africa after Dubai….and bless her she sent me another wonderful postcard. It arrived yesterday morning.  Thank you so much Dawn for thinking of me!!


 Dawn and her husband Tom have had a brilliant time there. She said it is even more wonderful than she imagined. With wonderful weather.  You should call over to her blog and have a read of what they have been up too!!  It is amazing and so much fun.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Thank You Dawn!

My great friend Dawn from Paris has just been to Dubai with her husband Tom, and she sent me a lovely postcard...! Thank you Dawn, another one for my collection!!

Dawn has a wonderful blog Notes of Noelle , where she has written not just about Paris but also about the great places they have been and with fabulous photos. At the moment they are in South Africa..having lots of fun!! Go on over and have a read of her fab blog, you will not be disappointed!!