Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bloggers meet up .. and wonderful goodies....

Back in September I wrote
about a lovely  lady named Diane
whose blog is called

Diane splits her time between
Fance and the UK, until the
time that her husband can retire,
and the move will be permanant

What a shock and surprise
to find out that we live in the
same English Village.

And we met today!!!

Diane has a  very interesting story, so why not
have a read from the start!!

Look at the wonderful goodies
Diane brought for me..

An assortment of homemade confitures  and a ..........

Pumpkin from her garden...

Great to meet you Diane and a big Thank you for the goodies.

Things are a little bit hectic for Diane at the moment, but
I am sure we will meet up again soon.


  1. Thanks Anne, it was so good to meet you and I hope you enjoy the produce from my garden. I will be in touch ASAP. Diane x

  2. What a delight. YOu know, my blog experience has been wonderful (meeting kindred spirit bloggers like you) and this post is the perfect example of the good things that can come from connecting across the blogwaves. YOu draw some very fun and interesting people to you and I for one appreciate your sharing yourself and those experiences...also what a bounty of awesome gifts from Diane! Thanks for the heads up about her blog. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. How fun! And all your confitures look delicious! Enjoy...

  4. I love the idea of meeting blogging friends, especially if they come with such fab gifts ;-) Love from London x

  5. It is so exciting that two of my lovely blogging friends have met up in real life.

  6. Oh my, I can see this has been a wonderful day. Just thinking about the idea of meeting blogger friends is great already.
    Have a sweet evening, Anne xxxx

  7. Hi Anne - How wonderful that you were able to meet up with Diane & what lovely gifts from her garden. I started following her blog after you wrote about her before & love reading her posts. Aren't pumkins the cutest vegetables - they come in the lovliest of round shapes and I love their name in French ~potirons~


  8. I envy you both!
    It was so sweet of Diane to bring homemade goodies too.

  9. Found you from the Dona Nobis Pacem. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

  10. You have so much fun with all those meet ups, wish I was nearer. Happy weekend with the goodies. Hugs..M

  11. It's nice to meet someone from Internet, esp. when you live in the same place. The confitures look delicious!

  12. I love finally meeting blog friends! I've been lucky and met quite a few. I'm sure I'll meet you too one day Anne!

  13. Hi there Anne. I've popped into your blog via LindyLouMac, and hope you don't mind. How strange is that, that you were both living in the same village! That pumpkin looks wonderful. Will pop in again.

  14. Hi Anne. I have been a follower of Diane's for some time and I am so happy to meet you also. I will be back to visit again soon. Susan

  15. What a wonderful time you must have had meeting another blogger! Her gifts look delicious! I found your blog thru Mimi! Have a wonderful day!

  16. How wonderful to meet blogging friends and enjoy their presence! Have a good day Anne.

  17. Bonjour Anne,
    Wonderful! The world is really a small world in the blog world! The best gift is that of friendship. I should know; we met through our blogs, then in person and we now we are like old friends!!

    What a wonderful stash the Diane shared. Yummy!!


  18. What a coincidence that you live so near! Lovely gifts.

  19. thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! i'm happy you liked my blog! there's a give-away :D

    xoxo from rome

  20. It is wonderful that you and Diane could meet because of the Internet!
    Isn't it a miracle? Your gifts looks delicious. YOU are a lucky person!


  21. How wonderful to make a new friend! It's amazing what the world of blogging can bring to our lives.

  22. Lucky, lucky you to find that a blogging friend lives so close. Glad the two of you were able to connect--must have been so much fun!



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