More from Cahors....

As with most French towns,
they are made for strolling
around, trying to take it all in.

Enjoy !! be continued!!


  1. Cahors! the land of great Malbec!

    Great photos... Love checking in with your blog and seeing the good stuff!

    have fun, travel safe... :-)

  2. Beautiful shots of the architectural detail.

  3. it's difficult to make pictures of such architecture but you did a good job! And what was the garden?

  4. I enjoyed, thanks for the architectural viewpoint of Cahors Anne.

  5. Great pictures and beautiful, blue skies - a perfect combination!

  6. Anne,
    Your bog is terrific and I will be sharing your expertise on my blog tomorrow with all your great information
    about the Sacré Coeur!

  7. Hi Ann. Gorgeous pictures! If you have time please have a look at the magazine my son is editing. Thank you. PULSEmagazine

  8. Beautiful photos and great captures, think I will have to take a visit to Cahors to see all this for myself. Diane

  9. You have a great eye when taking pics of buildings and structures! Excellent photos, I especially love the light fixture! Want one in my hallway! or even bedroom.


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