Sunday 12 September 2010

Back home now …

Lots to sort out,

and tons of photos to edit!

And to be honest blogging has

taken a bit of slow start!

I have felt a bit lost since being home,

no French around me, no speaking it or

listening to it .. a bit of a culture shock, and

I was only gone a few weeks!

I am going to show you some floral photos to keep you

going whilst I sort myself out !!

All photos taken in August 2010

in Paris




I hope you enjoy these…. I will be back – PROMISE !!

And I will be over to visit you too ♥


  1. Life is always a bit flat after a holiday. The reality of normal life and the unpacking. Hopefully as you look through all the photos you took you will relive the good times and share them with us!

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  3. These are brilliant photos! Recent?

  4. Hello anne,
    Your images are really gorgeous!!! I love them.
    Thanks you for visiting me and comment,you have a beautiful Blog.
    Good lucky on the giveaway

  5. Oh what perfectly pretty flowers, Anne.
    Happy hugs for a lovely week xoxo

  6. Oh what perfectly pretty flowers, Anne.
    Happy hugs for a lovely week xoxo

  7. Difficult to get it going again after holidays... I know! :-)

  8. They are gorgeous, I am glad you had a nice time :-)

  9. Lovely flowers. That one is truly bizarre. Adjusting, especially when you love the thing you left behind, is difficult.

  10. Welcome back. Part of the fun of travel for me is going through my photos.

  11. Hey Anne...

    I TOTALLY know what you mean! I have TONS of photos and have been trying to sort through and edit them and it's all VERY overwhelming--- I'm only up to the 4th Sept. and it's now the 14th!! You can imagine... Slow progress!
    Hang in there!! You'll get around to it...

    Hugs and welcome home to your home sweet home!

  12. Welcome back Anne, it will take awhile to get back into the swing of things. I love the flower photos but then doubt that surprises you. Is the first one chicory? I have just made myself a little blog button using one.


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