Fleeing the nest for a few weeks ........

I have so
kindly been invited to meet and stay
with Blogger Laury..

who lives near
Cahors in the Midi Pyrenees.

Laury has a wonderful blog, not just
about life in France, but New Orleans and
must not forget Dali and Sam !

You will be amazed at the area and where she lives!!
I cannot wait to meet her and see this fab place.
Before I go there, I am calling into Paris!
I will be staying with Leesa ..
for a night or two..
and on my return,
I am staying with Dawn!!

Hope to meet up with some of my other
friends in Paris too, but I know it can be difficult,
timing wise. Lets hope a few can make it.

Thank you to you all .. See you all soon!


  1. Have a great time, Anne.

    Say hello to Laury for me - I wonder if she'll be wearing her special, posh overalls (the Hot-Pink Ones) in your honour?

    All the best


  2. Have a wonderful holiday, it is great that you are meeting up with everyone along the way. Diane

  3. Oh lucky you! Have a wonderful time exploring this gorgeous area.

  4. Have a wonderful time, Anne - you deserve it. And do take lots of lovely photos to show us! x

  5. What a wonderful world blogging is ~ and you get to meet the most amazing people~ Enjoy your wonderful holiday ~ I look forward to seeing lot of pics! Bon Voyage!!

  6. Have a great holiday and do lots of research for suitable blog posts on your return :) Take Care xx

  7. You're lucky ! this is amazing...you're going to have a fab time...
    thank you so much for your visit and adding me to your list.
    Bon voyage !

  8. Hi Anne!
    I have a new blog to discover to find out about Laury.It will be fine;you have so many friends,all along the line...
    And always a nice glass of "vin rouge" for you at the end.

    Safe traveling and see you soon!

  9. Hi Anne. Wow, you have a great trip planned there, I hope you have a wonderful time and bring back lots of photos. Thanks so much for your mail, that was so lovely of you and really appreciated. Have a great time, "see" you soon. Love from London xo

  10. So, this time I defintiely hope that we can find the time to meet!

  11. Ack. Must I say it again. YOu lucky ducky. But it couldn't happen to a more generous person. You so thoughtfully share your travels and take such great photos, I am sure to feel I have traveled with you if you blog about it later. Have a great trip and be good, or I should say, be safe =)? Bon voyage mon amie.

  12. You lead a charmed life! Who would have thought that a blog can introduce you to friends all over the world and that you could stay with them!

  13. Oh you lucky girl...have fun!


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