Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Present to my hubby......

I painted it a few weeks ago with the help of a local artist, Beryl Maile. Last month, my friend Sarah from the Funky Teapot Ceramic shop, held a fundraising day for an orphange in Thailand. Beryl charged £5 to do a painting, providing the card, and all the oil paints, we didn't have time to do one that day, so she kindly came to my friends shop, with all her equipment. I was amazed how well it looked, and got it framed.


  1. Bonjour Anne,
    How lovely !
    I like images like this to dream a bit during grey weather days.

    Did Santa give you evrything you have been dreaming of?
    I hope so ;)

  2. Very impressive and looks great framed! Good on you and cheers.

  3. So lovely, Anne. You did a splendid job :) I am so sure he loved it!!

  4. You have hidden talents! Make sure you keep it up...

  5. Anne- I love your hubbys Christmas Present! I also went through your posts on your holiday in Italy....oh how I wish I could have been a mouse in your suitcase! What a wonderful trip you had. Thanks for sharing...oh and you plate of Frito Misto looked so exquisite!

  6. That is a really great painting. You have a gift.

  7. You are clever - I wish I could paint!

  8. Bonjour, Ciao, Hei, Gudde Mëtteg and Hello to all my friends. Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my picture. I think I will need more lessons, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.The hardest part was not being able to envisage how it was going to turn out. When I do painting on to tiles, they are hand drawn and painted by me, but I need a picture to go off. It is at least one step further than I have done before.

    Thank you for visiting my blog Susan, hope to see more of you, will call into see you again.

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  10. Your painting is dreamy Anne! It must have delighted your husband!

    Happy New Year to you friend.
    so grateful we have met through Blog Land!

    May all dreams come true in 2009.
    wishing you peace!

  11. A gift from the heart..always the best :)

  12. What a great gift! I bet he was pleased.

  13. Happy New Year Anne full of health, dreams and happiness! Philip

  14. They are very special and I hope they were appreciated. Have a very happy New Year Anne.

  15. Have an excellent year 2009 !
    Health and happiness to you and to your loved ones ;)

  16. Hi Anne, what a great pressie! Happy New Year!!

  17. How pretty. You're very talented. Presents like that mean so much

  18. Thank you so much my great friends, for such lovely comments about my painting. So pleased you all love it as much as my hubby!

    Hopefully I will get more lessons, as it is quite hard, and I can never envisage how they are going to turn out!

  19. Hi Anne,

    Happy New Year to you and your hubby!! It's BEAUTIFUL!! It makes me want to go to the beach RIGHT NOW! Somewhere HOT!! A lovely gift..
    Take care,

  20. Happy New Year Anne!!

    Love your painting!

  21. Hi I came via Leesa.

    That such a lovely present you did for your hubby I imagine he was thrilled! :)

  22. Leesa - happy new year, thanks, oh yes how I wish I was at the beach!

    Nicolette - Thank you..

    Akelamalu-Thanks for calling in from Leesa's..pleased you like my painting, my hubby was well chuffed!

  23. G'day Anne - I think I have to get you and Leesa down to Sydney! I just posted a few photos from the beach today. One day we'll all have coffee at the beach!

    Stay warm - cheers.

  24. Hi Anne!

    Well...better late than never..


    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for stopping by my blog. It's always such a treat seeing ya!

    Hey...and I LOVE your painting!

    It reminds me of when I lived in Florida and sent SOOOOO much time at the beach!

    I keep meeting more and more artists through blogging, it's so cool!

    Hope you had a great day!

  25. Happy, Happy New Year, Anne. Let's make it a good one.

    There is nothing better than receiving a present someone has taken the time and care to make themselves rather than just getting the chequebook out.

  26. It's gorgeous Anne! You should share more of your artistic talent on these pages. :-)

    Regarding the snow, yes that was all on our balcony. It was certainly a shock to see so much but I think the dogs were secretly gleeful over the whole thing. They wasted no time in romping all over it!


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