A postcard just at the right time - Thank You Leesa !!

Paris is a place I love to be.

A place where I have lots of
great friends.

A place where we meet up and go for
a petit cafe ou verre de vin
and a chat !!!!!

I was missing Paris today as
my youngest son and his girlfriend
went today for a 5 day trip, and
at the weekend we had the books
out and the maps.

And look what came through my letterbox today!!

A lovely postcard from Paris ... sent by my great friend

It was like it was meant to be for this day ♥


  1. A nice thing to cheer you up :-)

  2. Awww.... Great timing!!! It was 'meant' to be, for sure!

    That was pretty fast.. I feel like I just sent it a few days ago! Great postal service!

  3. Lovely post card. I love those vintage pictures.

  4. beautiful postcard! and I especially love the pic in the middle - I hope your son and his friend have a great parisian adventure.
    Dianne xx

  5. O..lala...such a beautiful post card. Thanks for the email :P I will keep you posted on Vietnam via my blog...it's a busy month for travelling, when I return from Vietnam..I am off again to Indonesia. Cant wait to share everything with you..hugs/M

  6. Aw how nice!
    I miss Paris too. It seems the beauty of the city is just infectious..ahh :)

  7. That is pretty amazing that the postcard arrived when you were missing Paris! It's almost spooky! I like that card a lot.

  8. Maybe Paris or France anyway is where you should be thinking about living Anne :)
    Perfect timing from Leesa.

  9. Oh, definitely that was meant to be! x

  10. Bonjour Anne,

    That is great timing indeed.
    Now don't you get discouraged;the universe has something in store for you further down the road.

    Hang in there!!

    I can definately relate to you.I cant travel like I want to right now. But,lets say this will change for each of us one day.

  11. Paris gets into us, one can't help missing it.


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