Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Flowers from my brother …….

Last weekend my brother came down to stay with me, he was a great help. He always likes to potter about, doing little jobs! This time he pottered about by cleaning the block paving in the garden .. which for some reason never stays weed free!  And I got flowers!! 



A lovely surprise!

Thanks Bruv


  1. gorgeous flowers! and gorgeous photo! :-)

  2. Those are gorgeous. What a delightful surprise to get flowers outside of the regular times. Just for their pleasure.

  3. Bonjour Anne,
    How lucjy you are to be able to spend time with your brother - and he is so helpful!! The flowers are beautiful!
    Hope your week is off to a good start!

  4. Flowers and odd jobs, lucky you :-)

    Do you hire him out? (only joking :-) )

  5. beautiful flowers beautiful colour too I am looking forward to the day when the boys might buy me flowers ... so much nicer when you don't have to buy your own lol

  6. SO gorgeous! And I love the colour yellow. I planted one yellow rose bush last year, but it doesn't look too healthy right now. I hope it blooms!

  7. Anne has been showered by beautiful gifts from the important men in her family.
    Beatuful roses for a beautiful sister.

  8. Anne, what a beautiful post - gorgeous flowers and even more a touching story of sister and brother. Having lost my brother, I envy and admire my friends who cherish their sibling relationships, as you and your 'bruv' (love that term!) obviously do.

    Cheers and good on ya :)


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