Monday 24 May 2010

A quick trip to London....

As you know from my previous post,
Leesa and I met up in London.

Over the next few days
I am going to post the photos up.


Portobello Road

Leesa and I had

a whirlwind trip, but got

to see some great places.

Please check out Leesa's Travel blog..

she has great photos too.


  1. I think my cupcakes are as good as those you pictured here, maybe I should set up a stall outside my house ;-)

  2. I haven't been to London in ages. Portobello road looks really interesting. Another one on my list.

  3. Elle- -I'm SURE that your homemade cupcakes are BETTER than all of the ones I tasted there (which were NOT very good)....

    Anne... Great pics, once again! I'm really enjoying going through your pics...

  4. I just so love reading about London (and cupcakes) and seeing your wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing. I hope Leesa and you both returned to your respective homes safely.



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