Friday, 21 May 2010

Amazing postcards.....

came through my letterbox in the last few weeks, I haven't had time to catch up with them .. !

The first two came from people who joined Postcrossing, a great site for those who like postcards .. have a look, all explained here!

South Dakota!!

Monument to Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov

Vasilyevski Island Point, St Petersburg
Sent by Olga,
who is on Postcrossing,
but this was sent directly to me.

Wonderful places close to Oliveri Sicily..

This was sent to me by a wonderful blogger JoAnne -of Littlequeen Rules blog, from Sicily

JoAnne has had wonderful trips out and shared them with us, with fab photos too. Unfortunately and sad for JoAnne and family (and us) , that they moving back to the USA in June...

Thank you JoAnne for sharing with us your time in Sicily,I do hope that you keep blogging on your return to the USA!! I hope all goes well for you and family once back in the States.


  1. All these great postcards you keep sharing are making me think I should maybe revive my Postcrossing membership.

  2. Fun postcards! And funny that your postcard collection would lead me to a neighbor (even a temporary one)! I'm off to check out JoAnne's blog!

  3. Dear Anne,
    You have a great collection!! Please send me your address, I'd like to send you one from our neck of the woods. Thinking of you!


  4. Your collection must be amazing! Thanks for sharing. xo

  5. Send me your address, Anne, and I will someday send you a postcard. Linda

  6. You've got a really great little hobby going here. More great cards from around the world. :D

  7. Lovely postcards! Thank you for the blog links, I will definitely check it out.

  8. Is there any country that you haven't had a postcard from?


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