Thursday 21 January 2010

Lots to Blog about but……….

My friends come first!  Yes I got some more mail this week.  I received a wonderful postcard from  Les Gets sent to me by my great friend Sally in Norfolk, who was on a skiing holiday with Geoff.  Sally is an avid skier, and nothing fazes her one bit.  They are both also into walking, not just in this country but in Spain, and other places!  So why not have a read of their blogs and see some of the great places they have been.  Must not forget to mention that Sally is trained  in Swedish Massage  as well as Indian Head Massage! So if you are in the need for a body or head massage and are in the Cambridge or Kings Lynn area..give her a bell. You will not be disappointed.


My other mail came from my lovely blogger friend  Britt-Arnild who lives in Trondheim in Norway. She sent me a lovely Thank you letter, thanking me for the book that I sent her. It was meant to be!!! 


Britt-Arnild’s blog is amazing, such beautiful stories about her life with her husband and family in Norway, with stunning photos too!!  Britt-Arnild has six other blogs, can you believe it.  Trondheim through all the Seasons being one!! I love this, seeing around her lovely town. Call in and have a read, and explore!

Big Thank you to Sally and Britt -Arnild


  1. Hey Anne,

    You're such a popular gal!!! It's so nice to receive postcards/letters, isn't it?! Take care and enjoy your courrier...

  2. Many thanks for the link - when are we going to see you on the slopes and hills :-)

  3. More beautiful postcards! I missed wishing you a Happy Blogiversary! So I'll do so now...Happy Blogiversary, Anne!

    Do you mind if I copy your postcard thing? I'd LOVE to get them from all over the world!

  4. Hi Anne, you have good friends round the world..and much love too. Happy weekend/Hugs........M

  5. My son did a short course in Indian Head massage. I bet you look forward to the postman!

  6. so glad you liked your card and thanks for the lovely links ...wonder where the next card will be from :-)

  7. Hi Anne.
    A big thank you to you :-)

  8. Lovely postcard and handwritten letter.

  9. It always feels a treat to get a postcard instead of a text or twitter. You must have quite a collection now.

  10. Bonjour Anne,
    How nice to recieve so many postcards from all your many friends around the world.
    THank you for coming by and your kind message, glad you enjoyed the Palais Royal post, it is so wonderful there isn't it.
    Have a fabulous week!

  11. To get some real mail is a nice change to the email (which of course is nice as such)!

  12. Hello, Anne! Thank you so much for visiting me--so lovely to meet you and find your beautiful blog! And happy blogiversary too--3 years in a great milestone. Soon I'll have been going for 4 years myself--hard to believe. Your post on blog-friends is delightful... blog-friends are the sweetest! I look forward to stopping by here again soon. Happy Days! :o)


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