Tuesday 15 December 2009

Bercy Village and Parc de Bercy Paris

My great friend Barbara and I had a fabulous day out..in Bercy Village....in the 12th arrondissement. This is such a lovely place to go, have a spot of lunch and peruse the little shops.

At one time this was the largest wine market in the world and the destination for wine coming in from the south of France, and instead of letting it just sit and go into decay, or even knock the buildings down, they renovated the former winestores into these lovely shops.

We had a great walk round, looking at all the delightful shops, and their lovely wares. From here we walked over to Parc de Bercy... another wonderful place to walk around, picnic or just rest!

Maison du Jardinage

Statues of the Park

It was amazing to see these statues just there, very unexpected, and intriguing. After having a good walk around, we made our way to this fabulous bridge ...........

We both had a fab day out!!! Thanks to Barbara for suggesting it!


  1. I love those shops. All the things look so tempting.

  2. Great pics, Anne. Lead me to those shops!

  3. It's a great area, especially the park. We always go there to see the movies-a lot of them are in English, or VO as they say.

  4. Ok Anne I've got this saved in my reader because you should know that the second image was like eye candy to me! Food shops....my all-time weakness. Maybe, maybe I'll get here next year. It makes me wish I could train it over to Milan right now but not in this cold!!!

  5. Hello Anne! Thanks for sharing these faboulous photos and for this nice trip! Lovely shops!!! I understand you had a great time with your friend!
    A nice week end to you!

  6. Hi Anne,

    There's Bercy village ! We did have a great time :) I'm looking at the sunshine & blue skies and thinking back to that end of summer.
    It's the colder days when you are happy to flip through summer photo memories.

    Big warm hugs from a snowy white Paris area.

  7. Anne, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Yes, I do brown the small bratwurst meatballs before adding to the soup. Oh good....another UK blog. I will enjoy this very much. One country we have not been to except, of course, Heathrow.

  8. Why does everything the French do look so stylish?

  9. Hi Anne, I've heard of Bercy of course, but didn't know about this village. You are teaching me about Paris! Have a very Merry Christmas!


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