Monday, 17 August 2009

A wonderful present …………

was given to me today, by one of my best friends who lives near me.

Gillie and her family, and her twin sister Sarah (best friend too) and family have just  been to France for their holidays in La Clusaz,  at Gillies holiday chalet, and I missed them both.  Gillie knew I was going to Paris and surprise surprise……..


a beautiful clock, so I can remind myself of Paris, everyday……

Gillie also gave me another clock a few months ago, ….she couldn’t find the right place to put it, and thought I would like it……. Can you see where this one comes from….Italy…..Firenze ..

CIMG2825 Like it…I love it…so I now have French clock in my Kitchen and Italian clock in my conservatory….and can swap them over ..when I like.!!

I am very lucky to have friends like Sarah and Gillie..who have been here for me since I moved to this area.  Sarah is the lovely lady who owns the ceramic shop I go to..I hope I find my motivation to paint again……They live next door to each other..which is great for me, normally get to see them both together..


  1. sometimes i wonder how we would ever manage with out the support of dear friends..... and so nice that you have 2 living so close by :-)

  2. Lovely. A perfect pair of clocks :)

  3. Hi Anne,

    Lovely ! What a wonderful gift. Your Italian clock is stunning, too.
    Soon, you will not just be thinking Paris, but living it, Woooo !

    Hugs XO

  4. They are beautiful, so lucky to have wonderful friends :P

  5. hello ann.nice presints nice blog.i am yur follower know.diane.

  6. That clock is just fabulous Anne! You've got some wonderful friends there!

  7. Anne, just love this post for so many reasons - beautiful French *and* Italian clocks and your artistic pursuits and most of all the way you value these lovely friends. You are a great friend too and I hope you are having a WONDERFUL time with your friends in Paris this week!

    Cheers and enjoy xxoo

  8. Oh! They are lovely. Nice friends!


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