Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Postcards just keeping coming.....

it is fantastic. And they came together, this morning!!

Big Thank you to Britt-Arnild from Norway and Leesa from Paris, who was in the States.

The card above was sent by the lovely Britt-Arnild...who has a wonderful blog called Britt-Arnilds House in the Woods.. This lovely little card was bought at the St Olav Festival in Trondheim, where she lives. The drawing was done my a young boy who loves drawing and sells his cards at the festival. I think it is wonderful.. She asked if anyone would like one, I left a comment with Britt-Arnild and my name got drawn...

You also might like to have a look at Britt-Arnilds other blogs too!! She has a NEW ONE... Trondheim through all seasons. It is a great blog, with wonderful photos, of her town! Go on over and take a look.

And Thank you to my friend Leesa from News in France, so great of her to think of me whilst on vacation in America, she was zipping all over the place too!

Leesa has only been back a few days, when she gets over her jet lag she will be back to blogging, and I hope with lots of photos...Do take a look, she is brilliant!!


  1. Wonderful mail Anne,
    Lucky you!!

    I love Britt. She is a lovely soul. She, her mother and aunt, helped my mother translate excerpts from a Norwegian "posie book" that her mother brought over to the states from Norway many years ago.
    It was a true gift to my mother.
    This is why I like the blogosphere SO much. So many kind people, like YOU.


  2. Wonderful post and it's great to receive postcards, which I like sending. I've got so many of them to be sent out but yet have the time to send one, give me you address and I'll post one to you :P Hugs...M

  3. Thank you for the links Anne.
    I'm glad you got the card.

  4. That pic of San Francisco brings back happy memories. I had two lovely holidays there with an American boyfriend - before I met my husband, of course.

  5. Hi Anne,
    My, they just keep on coming ! But maybe now, you will also be sending some too.
    I got one from San Francisco yesterday and I loved it . That is one of my fav US cities.

    See you very,very soon.
    Hugs XX

  6. Hi Anne,

    Glad the postcards all made it to you safely!! It was fun sending them knowing that you would enjoy getting them!

    All my best and great seeing you last night in Paris... I know you are going to have a GREAT time in the next few weeks...See you on Monday! Leese


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