Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Paris and Friends...

I am having such a fantastic time, I am dashing off all over this wonderful city..The Metro is my second home :-)...and I have met someone great people and my french is coming on gradually, and if I get stuck they know I am trying and they nearly always help.....except for the ONE STROPPY lady working behind an information/ticket booth at one of the Metros.....the less said the better, forget her, remember all the other fabulous french people, who have helped me, along the way.

Today I met my friends again...Leesa, Barbara and Dawn, we had lunch at Aimees teashop ..L'Oisive...oh it was great, the salads are fantastic....(sorry no photos yet)...and then tonight we are meeting down at the Seine and having a picnic..!!
Thank you for being patient will see my photos, soon I hope.

Thank you also to my commenters, Old and New :-). ..

I was going to try and edit and post some photos today, but unfortunately I have mislaid my Camera download lead, now it is in this apartment somewhere...but where???


  1. Hi Anne,
    Another great day, talking, sharing and yes, enjoying lunch out.
    I'm so glad that I was there !!

    Now I'm looking forward to hearing about "le pic-nic" and for Thur & Friday. I shall be busy at home; I still have lots to prepare.

    YEAH for Anne ! You are getting along so well ;)

    Hugs to ya & see you soon XO

  2. Hmmm...where shall we go on Thursday afternoon??? So much to see...

  3. Hi Anne,

    Glad you are having such a great time!!! I had a great time yesterday with you all.... What a fun day!! I will be resting up a bit today but we'll figure out what we want to do tomorrow!!


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